Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 50 - Stay Away from Dangerous Men

Chapter 50: Stay Away from Dangerous Men

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While Xia Jinyuan was walking towards her, Ye Jian lowered her pitch-black eyes, standing in silence.

While speaking to Grandpa Gen, Xia Jinyuan glanced at Ye Jian furtively. With little indication of it, his exquisite eyebrows twisted.

Why is the girl hiding from me? Did I scare her at school that day?

“Sure, I will!” with a faint smile on his handsome face, Xia Jinyuan answered Grandpa Gen. His unfathomable black eyes glanced at Ye Jian again. Politely, he said to Grandpa Gen, “May I have a few words with Ye Jian? Alone?”

Grandpa Gen was not surprised that Xia Jinyuan knew Ye Jian. When Xia Jinyuan arrested the three criminals the other day, it was Ye Jian who had helped him.

Grandpa Gen smiled. Xia Jinyuan noticed that Ye Jian was glaring at him coldly because of what he said. His thin lips curled a bit, forming a smile.

“Ye Jian, about what happened at your school, there are a few things I would like to remind you of. This way, please,” said Xia Jinyuan. Shone on by the morning sunlight, his face under the military cap seemed more brilliant, adding a bit of a cozy vibe to his smile.

“Go, girl.”

Since Grandpa Gen had agreed, Ye Jian could say nothing. She raised her feet and walked to the place where Xia Jinyuan was pointing at.

She didn’t like to have too much contact with such a dangerous man.

He was a bit mysterious. And it was a habit of Ye Jian’s to keep her distance away from people that she couldn’t understand thoroughly.

“My apologies for testing you at school the other day. I hope you can understand our position,” he explained in a low voice, which sounded like it was from a rare and luxurious instrument. “And you don’t have to fear that I will do anything to you. I won’t put you under surveillance.”

Fear? It seemed like this major had misunderstood her.

Ye Jian raised her head and looked at him, fearlessly. With a gentle smile, she said calmly, “Captain Xia, you have misunderstood me. I’m not afraid. I just don’t want to get in touch with you too often. I’m leaving if you don’t have anything else to say to me.”

She turned away and was about to leave, without waiting for his reply.

“Girl, you have a hot temper.” Xia Jinyuan clasped his long and strong hand onto Ye Jian’s fragile shoulder to stop her from leaving. “Which is different from what Grandpa Gen has told me.”

Smiling resignedly, he said, “Grandpa Gen is watching us. Are you sure you want to turn your back to me while listening to me?”

At this moment, there was only one idea in Ye Jian’s mind. She’s going to knock down this major onto the ground!

On second thought, she knew that it was a mission impossible for her for the time being.

But she could give it a try in the future!

“Captain Xia, just finish your words all at once, thank you.” As she turned around, she shook her shoulders skillfully. Like a fish, she swam away from Xia Jinyuan’s control.

She had been receiving training for nearly half a month, plus with her talent, she had progressed significantly.

Her dexterity made Xia Jinyuan raise his eyebrows. After a slick smile, he looked at Ye Jian quietly with his pitch-black eyes. With a serious and chilly look on his face, he said, “Listen up, Ye Jian. We have confirmed that Liao Jian, as well as his parents, are problematic. Please pay attention to his whereabouts at school for us.”

“I was going to find you and tell you about this issue on my trip today. I didn’t expect we would have met at the entrance to our military camp,” said Xia Jinyuan. His black eyes contained boundless chill as long as he was getting down to business. “All you need to do is to keep an eye on him, to see if he has been doing anything fishy. If you notice any problems, you can report to Principal Chen directly!”

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