Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 49 - Strict Teachers Produce Outstanding Students

Chapter 49: Strict Teachers Produce Outstanding Students

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“You’ve got it. That’s good. You should learn from Principal Chen, who is a knowledgeable person. As for me, I don’t have much to teach you since I have become old.” said Grandpa Gen while putting his hookah onto his waist. With a smile on his face, he looked at Ye Jian who was wiping her sweat. “Come on, I’m going to take you to a good place which you will like.”

“Where are we going, Grandpa? You haven’t had breakfast yet. Should we go home and cook some noodles first?” Hastily, Ye Jian placed her towel on her neck and carried a water-filled wooden bucket, following Grandpa Gen at a steady pace. As she laughed, her voice sounded clearer and more melodious than that of the birds in the bamboo forest.

“No need. We will have food when we get there. Put down the bucket. You may carry it home when we come back tonight.” said Grandpa Gen, smiling. As a 70-year-old senior, he was walking at a fast and steady pace which would outdo a young lad.

Behind the mountain was an extensive bamboo forest. Blanketed by the morning mist, it seemed like a wonderland.

Grandpa Gen stopped in front of a cave. Every household in the village had this kind of cave to store yams and the like. He told Ye Jian, “Open the door, girl.”

Ever since Ye Jian could remember, she has known of the existence of the cave at her home. But it had never occurred to her that this cave led to somewhere else!

“Watch your step. Don’t be afraid. Just follow me.” said Grandpa Gen. Ye Jian touched the dry stone-walls with both her hands while walking in the pitch-black passage, which was leading her to a place deep underground. Her astonishment at this moment was no less than that of the moment when she was brought back to life.

And it was not until now did she realize how those soldiers had appeared at her home every so often!

As it turned out, they have walked through this long passage in the mountain to enter the village, without alarming any villagers.

The tunnel was rather long. After walking for nearly half an hour, Ye Jian finally saw a faint light, which meant that the entrance to the cave was not far away.

Half an hour… The tunnel must be several kilometers long. And none of the villagers had noticed such a gigantic project!

“Keep your eyes closed. Don’t let the sun burn them.” Grandpa Gen reminded Ye Jian amiably. Standing at the entrance to the cave, he turned his back to the sun. “Open your eyes three minutes later.”

Ye Jian didn’t open her eyes until they had adjusted to the light. She saw that the military camp hidden deep in the mountain was close at hand.

After they exited the cave, they walked down the mountain. Another half an hour later, they arrived at an asphalt-paved road. Alongside the road stood a white-base sign with red characters on it, which read, “RESTRICTED MILITARY AREA”.

There was a stretch of barbed wire fence 400 meters away. Behind the fence was a barbed wire gate. In total, four soldiers were holding guns and standing guard.

Ye Jian looked further into the woods on the mountain and saw the observation post hidden deep in the forest.

This was a heavily guarded area. And led by Grandpa Gen, she could enter it so easily!

An armed soldier walked towards them. After saluting Grandpa Gen, he verified their identities.

An ordinary-looking vehicle drove past them. Then, it stopped in front of the guard post.

The left and the right door to the car opened at the same time. As the soldier who was driving the car handed his identification document to the guard, a young soldier jumped from the passenger seat and strode towards Ye Jian’s direction.

“Grandpa, you are here.” said the young soldier with a smile on his elegant and handsome face. His military uniform was neat and well-ironed. He saluted Grandpa Gen and said, “I’m afraid I have to postpone my appointment with you. The school has made an emergency phone call and I need to check it out. Maybe next time.”

Grandpa Gen laughed and said, “A soldier’s duty is to obey orders. Captain Xia, we can arrange another appointment when you’re back.”

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