Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 375 - Beauty In My Arms

Chapter 375: Beauty In My Arms

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Sun Dongqing retracted her gaze when she heard the parent currying her favor. She smiled. “Of course, of course.” Did she see wrong? Why did that person look like that wicked girl Ye Jian?

She must have had an illusion. Why will that wicked girl appear in this renowned school? She was worse than a dog. Provincial No.1 Middle School won’t accept her.

After taking a few steps, Xia Jinyuan turned back unknowingly and took a glance at the plump lady. He narrowed his eyes dangerously. They met on the first day of school… It looks like Little Fox needs to continue fighting with them during her senior high life.

Fortunately, Little Fox is not the kind of person that can be bullied easily. It will be easy for her to suppress Ye Ying in school.

The heat in the car rushed out the moment they opened the car door. Ye Jian took a few steps back because of the heat. She reacted quickly and grabbed Xia Jinyuan who was about to enter the car. “Wait for a moment. It’s too hot.”

Her grip was a little hard. Xia Jinyuan’s weight was on his upper half of the body so when she grabbed him so forcefully, he fell backward into Ye Jian’s arms.

Xia Jinyuan never watched many dramas but he knew that normally, a female should be the one falling down. Their roles had changed!

Luckily, he had a strong back. While Ye Jian was still thinking about what to do, he made use of the strength of her hand and pulled himself up. Then, he grabbed Ye Jian and pulled her into his arms while stabilizing himself.

Ye Jian was stunned.

She didn’t expect to make a major miscalculation in her rush to prevent him from getting into the car.

She was afraid that he would embarrass himself so she used her arm to prevent him from falling down. Ye Jian felt frustrated at her intelligence sometimes. Why did she use her arm to stop him? Wasn’t it the same as hugging him voluntarily?

The moment she stretched out her hand, she regretted her action. What happened after that made her regret even more!

Xia Jinyuan moved his body effortlessly and changed the situation. He was supposed to be in a haggard state but he grabbed Ye Jian and pulled her into his arms with his body weight.

She had to stand up straight to prevent the two of them from falling while he hugged her tightly.

Xia Jinyuan never expected this to happen. The ending was unexpected too. The process was slightly dangerous but the results were good.

Xia Jinyuan didn’t let go immediately. As a mature young man, it was understandable that he didn’t want to let Little Fox go.

“I almost embarrassed myself today.” Xia Jinyuan pretended to be in shock when he said this. He spoke right next to her ear. “Little girl, you’re strong. I just wanted to take some things from the car. You don’t have to save me as though it was an emergency.”

During normal times, this wouldn’t happen. He just didn’t put up a guard against her.

“I… I didn’t do it on purpose. I just used more force than usual.” Ye Jian was quite frightened too. She felt helpless as he hugged her. Her arms were wide opened. She didn’t know if she should hold him or not.

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