Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 374 - You Still Have Some Conscience

Chapter 374: You Still Have Some Conscience

His hand was warm. It managed to stop her brows from furrowing. She titled her head again and carefully moved away from his hands.

Her mouth was a little dry. She opened her mouth calmly, “Don’t you have something on? Let’s go. I need to go look for Mrs. Tong in her office later.”

She was like a little deer that wanted to escape from her hunter hurriedly. Xia Jinyuan noticed her emotions so he smiled. He walked down the stairs calmly.

He didn’t park his car in the school. Thus, after walking down the stairs, he said in a lazy tone. “I’ve left my gift in the car. Little girl, you have to follow me to the entrance of the school.”

He managed to stop Ye Jian from leaving after she sent him to the stairs. She had no choice but to follow him.

Xia Jinyuan managed to learn how to create more interactions between them all by himself.

The sun was shining brightly at this timing. The school was packed with students and parents who were carrying all kinds of luggage. The school seemed vibrant and lively. No matter how hot the weather was, it was unable to wipe the smile off everyone’s faces.

The school was beautiful. It was a school with a hundred years of history after all so the scenery in this school was much better than the other schools. Ye Jian saw Xia Jinyuan stopping beside a broken wall. Her heart skipped a beat. She pretended that she didn’t see him and continued walking forward.

Xia Jinyuan smiled as he looked at her hurried back view. The sly little fox didn’t want to stay any longer with him.

What should he do? She didn’t want to but he wanted to stay longer beside her.

One person walked hurriedly while the other walked at a normal pace. Fortunately, there were many students in school today. Most parents had all their attention on their child so they didn’t notice these two people. If not, such a handsome man and a pretty lady would have attracted many people’s attention.

“Follow me to find Mrs. Tong later. We’ll ask her out for a meal too. You must have a good relationship with your form teacher since you managed to get into the advanced class.”

A familiar voice with an unfamiliar tone was heard among the crowd. Ye Jian stopped in her tracks. She stood under the shadow of a tree and looked over coldly.

She saw Ye Zhifan carrying some luggage. Ye Ying was beside him. They walked past her around four-people distance away. Sun Dongqing was behind them. She was talking to some other parents. The expression on her face was still the same. She looked arrogant.

As for Ye Ying, she had grown taller over the years. She had shoulder-length hair and was wearing a denim dress. She stood out from the other students in terms of looks and aura.

Also, she was much fairer than in her past life. Fair skin hides all ugliness. She looked prettier than in her past life.

They were in the same class. Very good. It was like in middle school all over again. Luckily, she didn’t meet another Mrs. Ke.

Ye Jian smiled and retracted her gaze. Xia Jinyuan caught up with her. “Not bad. You still have some conscience and know that you should wait for me.” It was a beautiful misunderstanding once again. His tall figure blocked Sun Dongqing’s gaze when she glanced over coincidentally.

“Ye Ying’s mother, what are you looking at? Your daughter is waiting for you.” One of the parents called her enthusiastically. “I didn’t expect my daughter to be in the same class as Yingying. Please let Yingying guide her. Especially…”

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