Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 364 - : Little Fox, Help Me Wipe My Sweat

Chapter 364: Little Fox, Help Me Wipe My Sweat

“Do you want to know what I ate from February all the way till May?” Ye Jian pulled out a tissue paper for him. “You look hot. You’re sweating.” There were tiny droplets of sweat on the side of his forehead.

Xia Jinyuan didn’t take it. He leaned forward and smiled. “Why not you help me wipe them off? After all, I came all the way here to fetch you.”

He really felt like teasing her all the time.

He knew that she wouldn’t do it but he wanted to try. When he saw her hand freezing in midair, he smiled brightly.

He looked vibrant and elegant.

“Sigh, let me do it myself.” Xia Jinyuan knew when to stop so he raised his eyebrows and wanted to take the tissue paper. “It’s just wiping…”

Something flashed past his eyes. The piece of tissue moved towards his face and pressed on it lightly. He was caught off guard. She really helped him to wipe off his sweat.

“It’s just wiping sweat. I’ve helped many soldiers before during my summer vacation in the military unit.” Ye Jian purposely blocked his vision with her arm. She said calmly, “It’s a simple task. You can ask me directly next time.”

Do you want to make me feel uncomfortable? I have to show you that I can retaliate too! Ye Jian gave a naughty smile as she wiped off his sweat. When he saw his frozen smile, her smile got brighter.

Xia Jinyuan, you didn’t expect this, right?

Xia Jinyuan smiled. He didn’t expect to be teased by Ye Jian. His low laughter sounded like the music from a zither. It was pleasant to the ear. “Not bad, there’s an improvement.”

Ye Jian gently wiped the corners of his forehead. She smiled when she heard what he said and replied indifferently, “It’s normal to have an improvement. I went to the desert last October. My first meal was raw snake meat. I spent the entire spring in the desert. Captain Xia, if I didn’t improve, Grandpa Gen and Uncle Chen will be disappointed.”

Her voice was clear and clean. However, what she said made him speechless.

He was referring to the fact that she was able to retaliate when he teased her. However, Ye Jian felt that he was complimenting her for her overall improvement in her ability. She directed her thanks to her two elders.

Look, this is how interesting Little Fox was.

“Okay, please accept my thanks.”Ye Jian retracted her hand after she finished wiping his sweat. However, Xia Jinyuan reacted quickly and grabbed her wrist. He smiled. “Even though soldiers are quick, they should be detailed too.”

Ye Jian’s gaze changed slightly. She looked at him with vigilance. But she didn’t take her hand back.

Although she dared to retaliate, she would lose to Xia Jinyuan because of her innocence. Xia Jinyuan held her wrist and smiled. “Little Fox, there’s sweat on my neck too. You haven’t wiped it.”

Little Fox is inexperienced in relationships so she often loses to me. But if anyone dares to do this to her, I will chop his hands off!

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