Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 363 - I Like This Intimacy  

Chapter 363: I Like This Intimacy

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He switched to another hand to carry the luggage and raised his right hand casually. He placed it over Ye Jian’s slim shoulders and said, “I need to watch over you. I almost lost you just now. If it wasn’t for the broadcast system, I won’t know where to look for you too. How will I answer to Uncle Chen?”

Ye Jian continued looking forward. She frowned as she looked at the hand on her shoulder from the corner of her eyes. It was slender and pretty. I looked like a hand that was meant for playing the piano.

However, she knew that this hand was fierce and powerful when pulling the trigger.

“Uncle Chen said that he is working in the province and will come and find me after I start school. Do you know where he is working at?” Ye Jian didn’t pull his hand away. She didn’t like this kind of close interaction but she decided to bore with it.

She was from the Southern Province. Southern state people were polite.

Xia Jinyuan smiled when he noticed Ye Jian bearing with him. He was only able to appear intimate with her if he used Uncle Chen as his reason. He acted blatantly too so she couldn’t reject him.

“Uncle Chen said that he wants to surprise you so I can’t tell you where he’s working at now. Come, let’s have breakfast.” She smelled faintly of soap. She had a unique smell too. It was refreshing. “The registration starts at 9 pm. It’s still early.”

It was only a little past 6 am. The sun hadn’t dispersed the coldness of the night. Ye Jian pursed her lips for the entire journey as Xia Jinyuan held her shoulder. She heaved a sigh of relief only after they walked into a porridge shop and he released his grip.

She flicked her shoulder lightly as if she was trying to remove the mint smell from his hand.

The breakfast shop was busy. Ye Jian chose a seat beside the glass window. The people around her were all students and their parents who came to report for school. While they were eating, they continued reminding their children. They asked them to be bolder but said that they mustn’t be too rash at times.

Ye Jian smiled helplessly. Poor parents. Sometimes, they were so worried about their children they didn’t know what they were saying.

One young man got irritated by his parents. He threw his spoon into the bowl and refuted angrily, “Mom, can you let me eat my breakfast in peace? I’m 16 years old, not 6 years old. If you continue talking to me like this, I’ll suspect that I’m an idiot.”

“Fine, fine. I won’t talk anymore.” The mother stopped talking immediately. She pushed half a salted egg over and said, “Eat some egg. We’ll go register after we finish eating.”

Only parents would forgive their children unconditionally. Ye Jian lowered her eyes as she smiled lightly. They were just like Uncle Chen and Grandpa Gen. They were strict towards her but they always bore with her.

She didn’t have parents but fortunately, she had two kind elders looking after her.

Xia Jinyuan stood not far away and stared at the quiet Ye Jian with a kind gaze. Something flashed past his eyes. No one knew what he was thinking.

He walked towards her and sat down opposite her. He smiled gently and said, “One serving of porridge, one salted egg, and one youtiao1. This is the most hearty breakfast I’ve eaten this year.”

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