Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 352 - Is She Someone You Can Touch

Chapter 352: Is She Someone You Can Touch

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The other invigilator took a look and smiled. “Mr. Liu, Ye Jian took part in the World Science Olympiad before and got gold. However, I agree with what you said. They must be crazy.”

Ye Jian became the spotlight of the exam. The teachers took extra notice of her and the other leaders of the school also came to look at her. Ye Jian’s name got mentioned the most for the next couple of years.

A genius formed in the need of time. Ye Jian made a name for herself in Anyang city.

The moment the exam was over two days later, the scripts were sent to the city to be marked together.

Ye Zhifan had been waiting for Old Hu’s call for the entire afternoon. When Old Hu called, he picked it up with a smile. The first thing Old Hu told him was ‘it’ll be hard’. Ye Zhifan’s expression changed. He said in a cold voice, “Hard? Old Hu, didn’t you say that these things are handled by you?”

“Old Ye, aren’t you making things difficult for me when you want me to do something to Ye Jian’s paper? People take extra note of her papers. It won’t be passed to me. Two lieutenants, one invigilator, and one notary will send her papers over to the province city.”

“How can you be angry? I didn’t even get angry at you! If I didn’t look up Ye Jian’s name because I found it familiar, I would be drinking tea at the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection right now.”

Ye Zhifan jumped up from his chair when he heard this. “What? The military unit personally sent her papers over? What is happening? Old Hu, don’t be angry now. Tell me what happened.”

“Tell you what happened? I want to know what happened too! This student managed to enter Municipal No.1 Middle School last year but she tore her notification and left school for a year. Old Ye, we’ve been friends for so many years. Let’s not talk about what happened last year.”

“However, I can’t just forget about it this year. I’ll pretend that you didn’t call me. Nothing happened between us. Also, I’ve one piece of advice for you. Don’t interfere in this matter anymore! You might harm yourself!”

If they haven’t known each other for so many years, he wouldn’t have reminded him.

The other party hung up. Ye Zhifan didn’t know how long he listened to the hung up tone before putting down his phone.

He thought that this matter would be easy to deal with. But from the looks of it now, he couldn’t do anything!

Even the military unit came out. Who was helping Ye Jian? Who on earth was helping her?

Is it someone he can’t provoke? Is it someone he can’t offend?

Ye Zhifan thought for a long time. He didn’t understand some things but there was one thing he knew. Ye Jian’s future is not something he can destroy.

Besides Grandpa Gen, who was helping Ye Jian?

Ye Zhifan sat quietly on his chair for a moment. He looked at the time and then got up to leave with a tense expression.

Ye Jian didn’t know that her script was already secretly sent to the provincial city before she left school. She chatted with her classmates happily as she walked out of the school. She felt a cold gaze staring at her.

She looked up calmly and looked intently at the direction of the gaze. She saw Ye Zhifan standing under the shadows of a tree with a cold face.

Ye Zhifan wasn’t expecting her to look over so he was stunned for a moment. Very soon, he walked over with a cold face.

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