Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 351 - Genius Form In The Needs Of Time

Chapter 351: Genius Form In The Needs Of Time

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“Okay. Place your script on the podium. Don’t leave in a hurry.” The invigilator raised her hand. He asked Ye Jian to hand in her script and then return to her seat. However, Ye Jian said, “Teacher, if you have anything to ask me, we can go out of the exam hall. Any student that hands in the script must leave. This is a rule.”

Ye Jian knew that the teacher had no evil intention towards her but she kept her guards up. She didn’t want to make any mistakes.

The invigilator slapped his forehead and left the exam hall after Ye Jian handed in the script. He took a piece of rough paper with him.

“The other students will have more pressure when you come out so early.” The invigilator smiled. He didn’t want Ye Jian to misunderstand him. “Your math is not bad. You’ll get what you want.”

Sigh, Ye Jian has a hard time too. The teachers thought about what happened and could guess what the truth was.

Fortunately, she didn’t give up on herself. After adjusting her emotions, she didn’t do stupid things.

In times of despair, there’s hope. When there’s evil, there’s good. In this world, there is more good than evil. She felt the kind intention of the teacher so she smiled and said, “Thank you, teacher.”

Even a teacher who didn’t know her was cheering for her.

As they spoke, the invigilator wrote a question quickly on the rough paper. She took three minutes to write the question. “Come and try this question.”

She drew some circles. “We’re outside now. Don’t worry.” He thought about something and continued, “You’ve handed in your script. You don’t have to worry about other things.”

It looked like she heard why Ye Jian tore her notification last year too.

Ye Jian took over the pen. She didn’t ask the invigilator why he gave her a question to do suddenly. She just started solving the question on the paper.

Many teachers walked pass the exam hall. When they saw a teacher and a student standing outside, they thought that the teacher had caught a student cheating so they walked over.

The invigilator explained what happened to the teachers. The teachers got interested and decided to stay back and watch Ye Jian solve the question.

They looked at Ye Jian’s clean features. She didn’t appear flustered under the gazes of the teachers. She continued doing her work quietly. The teachers around her smiled in approval at her calm and composed aura.

When she finished, she looked at the invigilator politely and bowed at the other teachers. Then, she said, “I’m done. Sorry to keep you waiting.”

She wasn’t just a good student, she was well-mannered too. Even at a young age, she didn’t appear flustered when she was in the spotlight. She remained composed.

Without a doubt, this was a teacher’s image of a good student.

The invigilator told another invigilator, “Were the leaders of the Municipal No.1 Middle School stupid when they made things difficult for Ye Jian last year?” Ye Jian only took 20 minutes to solve the problem.

“This kind of student should be protected like a buddha. How can they do this to her? Associate student? A genius like her… she should be the one choosing schools. She only needed 20 minutes to solve such a hard question.”

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