Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 3 - Game On

Chapter 3: Game On

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As far as Ye Ying was concerned, Ye Jian should always apologize to her.

She raised her chin slightly. Her facial expression suggested that she was waiting for Ye Jian’s apology.

“Poor you, but you do need to do those things by yourself. That I cannot retort you,” said Ye Jian resignedly with a gentle smile.

Ignoring Ye Ying, whose face was distorted due to anger, she raised her hand to rub her head and asked Ye Ying to leave, “Get out. I need to change clothes.”

“Ye Jian, you’re bullying me!” Swoosh! Ye Ying stood up, and her watery eyes were filled with tears at once.

Fragile as she may seem, her behaviors were absolutely wild. Bang! Bang! She slammed the door and stormed out.

Bully? As I have told you, “Just you wait, Ye Ying!”

While she was taking her time to get dressed, she heard Ye Ying’s cries from the yard. She was pouring her grievances out to her mom.

One. Two. Three. As Ye Jian counted to three, Sun Dongqing barged in with a bamboo stick in her hand and shouted with rage, “You wicked girl! I let you live in my house for free, but you bully your younger sister? Son of a bitch, you are an ungrateful soul, aren’t you?”

She rushed in front of Ye Jian. The bamboo stick was about to whip towards Ye Jian’s face rather than her body.

To what extent did she hate Ye Jian? She might even blind Ye Jian by lashing on her face!

Before the bamboo stick could whip her face, Ye Jian dodged it. Back to fourteen years old, she would not allow herself to get beaten up again. No one could beat her!

No one!

“Ye Ying wants me, her elder sister, to do her assignments. I was just trying to persuade her to do them herself. And without saying thanks, you are going to hit me, Aunt?!”

Sun Dongqing was not only Ye Jian’s mother’s eldest sister, but the wife of her father’s younger brother.

The two sisters married into the same family, thus becoming sisters-in-law.

“Huh! How dare you dodge it! You didn’t fall to your death yesterday, and now you know how to piss me off!” Glaring at Ye Jian, Sun Dongqing rolled up her sleeves and waved the bamboo stick. “Wicked girl! Although your mother is gone, I still need to discipline you.”

“What a disgraceful creature, seducing your teacher at such a young age. I should have thrown you out when you were carried home last night so that you won’t lead my Yingying astray!”

Sun Dongqing had always been brutal to her sister’s daughter.

When they were at their parents’ home, Sun Dongqing had been proud and arrogant, trying to outshine her sister at all costs.

And now, all her sister had left behind was her only daughter. Shouldn’t she discipline this girl?

But her words had rendered a chill to Ye Jian’s delicate and small face, as well as to her eyes.

Seducing her teacher!

It was not until she woke up last night and saw the calendar on the wall that she realized she had returned to the spring when she was fourteen years old!

The peach flowers of the school blossomed one month after the new term began.

That year, when she was fourteen, she asked Ye Ying to go home with her after school. As she left school, she encountered Ye Ying, who was running towards her. Without any words, Ye Ying grabbed her and they ran together.

After running dozens of meters, Ye Ying tripped her. As she fell, her forehead knocked against rocks, on which lichens were growing. And she passed out right away.

At that time, it was already Sunday morning when she woke up, and she was involved in a scandal where she was rumored to have seduced her teacher.

But now, she had woken up on Friday night!

The one day and two nights in between were crucial to her entire life.

Ye Jian put her hand into her pillow and touched the scissors she found last night. Targeting the scissors at Sun Dongqing, she said violently, “I have not even had my first period, what do I know about seducing my teacher? Anyone who is out there blemishing my reputation will not get away with it!”

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