Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 2 - Reborn

Chapter 2: Reborn

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The Shuikou Village of Fujun Town was a village stationed by an army unit in the depths of the mountains. During the midnights of these numerous days, the villagers of Shuikou Village could vaguely hear trucks rumbling, when the military trucks drove by the road before the entrance to the village.

At two o’clock in the morning, the villagers were sound asleep, and they wouldn’t get up when they heard the sounds.

Even if somebody did wake up, they would not turn on the lights until the sounds were gone.

As the village leader had said, if anyone broke the rules, the road subsidized and built by the country would be cut off!

And those who had broken the rules would be imprisoned for life!

Ye Jian had been awake for a long time. When the sounds of military trucks vanished, she overcame her headache and got up from her bed. As she turned on the flashlight, the rays shone on the wall with a calendar hanging on it.

As it turned out, she was not dreaming. She could still open her eyes and see the sun tomorrow.

As it turned out, instead of dying miserably, by the grace of her life, she was to grow through sufferings, and her destiny had arranged her to be reborn through ashes!

Time ticked away. By six o’clock in the morning, smoke had already been spiraling out from the kitchen chimneys in Shuikou Village. Bathed in the morning sun, the mountain village was home to luxurious green trees and flowing streams.

Outside the windows, swallows perched on cables, chirping merrily.

Through the mist, the crystal clean morning sun rays sprayed softly on the branches, on which the flowers bloomed vibrantly.

Against the tender and green shoots, the flowers on the branches seemed even more delicate and lovely.

Though she could once again witness the return of swallows and blossoming flowers in the warm spring, she was in a completely different situation now.

After waking up during the night, Ye Jian slept no more. Looking at the girl talking relentlessly beside her bed, she squinted her pitch-black eyes subtly.

The girl in front of Ye Jian had red lips and white teeth, and her black hair was braided and dropped neatly onto her shoulder.

And her eyes were bright and watery. But her skin was a bit dark, with small freckles on both sides of her nose tip.

As Ye Jian recalled, the girl had done a lot to dispose of these two minor flaws afterward.

This is Ye Ying, the source to all the sufferings in my past unpleasant life, where I also died miserably.

“Exams on Monday. Do remember to help me. And I have brought my school assignments, finish them for me quickly!” Not only was Ye Ying good looking, but her voice was pleasing to the ear like that of an oriole.

It’s just that her tone was so commanding as if Ye Jian had owed her.

Holding a quilt, Ye Jian curled her lips and smiled as Ye Ying finished her chirping. “Long time no see, Ye Ying.”

Long time no see, the 14-year-old Ye Ying.

“What? Long time no see? We met yesterday! Have you become a fool due to your fall?” With concern on her face, the 14-year-old Ye Ying looked at her cousin who was six months older than her and said, “You can’t afford to be stupid! Life would be miserable for a simple-minded beauty!”

What about her homework if her witty and excellent cousin had broken her head?!

Eyes squinting, Ye Jian smiled softly, and her smile was as crystal clear as a creek. “Won’t you be the more pitiful one if I am broken? No one will help you with your homework, no one will give you answers in the exams to help you attain good rankings. Alas, come to think of it, why do I think you are more tragic?”

While she was admiring the changing facial expressions of Ye Ying, Ye Jian said ‘God bless me’ to herself. As it turned out, it was such a guilty but delightful feeling to be a bully. How come she had never realized that before?!

She must cherish this feeling now that she was back to fourteen!

“You really are broken! I don’t need you to do my homework, all right?!” the pale-faced Ye Ying gritted her teeth and said discontentedly, for Ye Jian had read her mind.

Ye Ying was trying to free herself from this embarrassing situation, but due to her young age and lack of proficiency, her facial expressions were a bit awkward.

Looking at Ye Ying’s facial expressions, Ye Jian felt very much alive, as if fresh blood had poured into her withering heart.

As Ye Jian tilted her head and slightly restrained her facial expressions, she furrowed her exquisite eyebrows that needed no trimming. Instead of answering, she became silent.

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