Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 2347

Chapter 2347: Can’t Wait

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His embrace was her reassurance. She felt at ease when she was back in his arms.

“Congratulations, Azure Bird!” He hugged her tightly and shouted her codename in a low voice. This was a hug between comrades, not a hug between lovers.

Taking a deep breath of his refreshing scent, Ye Jian opened her eyes and replied with a smile, “Thank you! Sorry to make you worry.”

He was indeed worried, but he felt proud too.

“My little girl has grown up. I’m proud of you, Little Fox.” Xia Jinyuan couldn’t bear to let go of her. The small and soft body in his arms filled up all the emptiness in his heart in an instant. She was really back. She came back safe and sound.


He felt a little helpless. He clearly told her that no matter who went out to fight, the person left behind would wait patiently. There was no need to worry and no need to be afraid. Even if they were sacrificed… that was the path a soldier should take.

However, when he really knew that she had gone out to fight alone and was accompanying the Chinese ambassador to a war-torn country to negotiate without any equipment, his heart felt like it had been hit by a heavy object. It hurt so much that his heart stopped beating.

Waiting was a terrifying thing. It tortured people mentally and physically.

If he wanted to get used to fighting separately, he needed to get himself together.

Ye Jian felt his arm trembling slightly and knew that he had been worried about her. She patted his broad back gently and said softly, “Because you’re my goal. I have to work hard to catch up. I can’t let you wait too long.”

Sometimes, this little fox was so stupid that it made his heart ache.

Just because she knew that he didn’t want to be promoted without her, her heart ached for him. She didn’t feel sorry for how tired she was even after working so hard.

The few cuts on her face… didn’t they hurt? Yet she was still thinking about catching up with him.

He couldn’t bear to let her get tired. Sometimes, he could only stand at the side and watch her get tired.

He lowered his head and kissed her temple lightly. “Go back to your room and change your clothes first. Rest for the night and I’ll send you back to school tomorrow. Your school called the military. They hope you can go back as soon as possible to prepare for the exercise in May.”

As a military school student, Ye Jian had taken leave too many times. The leaders of the military school were worried that if she kept taking leave, Ye Jian’s results would be unstable.

Holding an umbrella in his hand, Qin Xiu looked at the departing figure quietly. Through the rain curtain, his gaze was a little serious.

He wanted to give her an umbrella, but what he saw was… her running. She couldn’t wait any longer and threw herself into the arms of a man in military uniform.

It was intimate. It was as if only the two figures hugging each other existed in this huge world. He was an intruder who saw something he shouldn’t.


Lover? Comrade?

He suddenly felt uncertain. However, he hoped that the man was her comrade and not her… lover.

J5, who was walking over, saw that Qin Xiu’s hand was a little tense as he held the umbrella bone. Then, he looked at the two figures that were leaving. J5 felt his eyelids twitching. An unbelievable thought flashed past his mind.

No way!

That was impossible!

Did he make a mistake?

Was he thinking too much?

The ambassador… liked Azure Bird? He had a crush on Azure Bird?


J5 felt his eyelids getting heavier. Things couldn’t develop like this. Azure Bird… Q King had had his eyes on her for many years.

However, he couldn’t explain anything now. J5 pretended that he didn’t see anything and smiled. “Ambassador, let’s go back to our room and change our clothes as soon as possible. We finally came back to our country. We can’t catch a cold.”

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