Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 2346

Chapter 2346: My Lover Is Back

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As the soldiers left, Xia Jinyuan’s figure gradually disappeared from Ye Jian’s vision. Ye Jian didn’t stay any longer. She whispered to J5, “Q King is here. I’ll go and look for him first.”

His wound was still recovering, but he stood in the rain and waited for her. She needed to hurry up and pull him back to his room.

Q King was here? J5, who didn’t notice anything, looked around and asked Ye Jian to leave first. He was one of the few people who knew about their relationship.

Ye Jian didn’t stay any longer. She followed the footsteps of the soldiers and looked for the figure that left.

There was no need for her to look for him. The figure must be not far away, waiting for her arrival quietly.


Ye Jian walked very quickly without looking back. She didn’t notice that someone was following her closely.

“Is Ye Jian in a hurry? Why is she in such a hurry?” After speaking to the staff sent by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Qin Xiu walked to J5’s side and asked in a low voice, “Shouldn’t she change her clothes first?”

The rain had been pouring since midnight. Although she was a female soldier, she was still a girl. Spending eight or nine hours of being under heavy rain was not good for her health.

J5 naturally wouldn’t say that Ye Jian was going to see Xia Jinyuan. He smiled and said, “She’s a female soldier. She can’t change her clothes with us male soldiers. She’s leaving in a hurry because she wants to change her clothes alone.”

This explanation was good. Qin Xiu didn’t suspect anything.

They needed to return to their rooms to take a bath and rest before leaving for the capital city.

Ye Jian had already seen Xia Jinyuan. A tall and slender man was standing in front of her with a smile on his handsome face. His gaze was gentle as he watched her walk over step by step.

He stood still and waited for Ye Jian to walk to his side.

Ye Jian, whose clothes were all wet, walked very quickly. Xia Jinyuan even saw water droplets flying from the corner of her clothes. Her black and shiny hair was wet. It was soft and stuck to her skin, making her skin look even fairer and her facial features more exquisite.

The high-intensity combat didn’t make her tired. Her eyes were bright, and her pupils were as black as gems. Xia Jinyuan suddenly didn’t want to stand here anymore. He wanted to go over and hug his lover!

Since he was tempted to, he acted. He stopped standing at the corner and strode toward her.

The smile on Ye Jian’s face got deeper. He was standing in a blind spot where he wouldn’t be easily discovered. If he walked out now, any passing soldiers would be able to see him.

So be it. At a time like this, this hug wasn’t just a reunion hug. It was a hug to welcome the safe return of a comrade.

Ye Jian couldn’t help but jog when he strode over. There was still a wound on his waist. She had to be careful.

Xia Jinyuan didn’t care about the wound on his waist. He didn’t participate in this mission because of it. When he knew about the shameless schemes of the new regiment and the military group, he really wanted to grab two guns and rush to Lin Country!

Now, the lover he was worried about was back. He didn’t care about his injury anymore!

As she got closer, Xia Jinyuan’s handsome face darkened slightly. There were several thin bloodstains on her fair face. The longest one was drawn from the corner of her eyes to her chin!

The area around the wound was red and swollen due to the rain. There were signs of inflammation.

His fingers touched her wound lightly. Xia Jinyuan tightened his lips and pulled her into his arms.

His tall and straight body arched slightly as he hugged Ye Jian firmly. Ye Jian couldn’t help but close her eyes lightly. Her tense body and mind finally relaxed completely because of his warm hug.

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