Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 2242

Chapter 2242: A Hard Life

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Xia Jinyuan was amazed by Li Jinnian’s sharpness. He could tell that something was wrong from this alone.

Since he was Ye Jian’s cousin and kept saying the words ‘my cousin’, there was no need to hide the investigation from him.

“You’re right. Someone did cause trouble…” Xia Jinyuan had only said half a sentence when Li Jinnian, who was sitting opposite him, shot a cold gaze at him. Unaffected, Xia Jinyuan said slowly with a calm expression, “After Sun Xueqing sacrificed herself, all the information about her was erased. Moreover, there were many problems with her sacrifice. It’s very likely that she was secretly killed by her own people.

“Now, the military commission and the military have secretly set up an investigation team to look into the passing of Martyr Sun Xueqing. The reason why I stopped you from investigating Ye Jian yesterday was because of this. I didn’t want you to suddenly interfere and disturb the military commission’s investigation.

“There’s also a rather important person, Ye Zhifan. This person is quite cunning. After Martyr Sun Xueqing died, he was promoted from a small village official to the current director of the Southern Province’s City Construction Bureau. There’s a considerable force supporting him. Ye Jian and I suspect that this force might be related to Sun Xueqing’s murder.


“Ye Jian has an aunt in her family. Her husband, Sun Yaozu, is an old acquaintance of Martyr Sun Xueqing. Before Martyr Sun Xueqing died, someone gave him a sum of money to deliberately mislead Martyr Sun Xueqing while she was on a mission.

“Martyr Sun Xueqing realized that something was wrong. Before she was killed, she took the dagger in her hand and prepared to finish Sun Yaozu off. At this moment, a person wearing the same combat uniform as her shot her. Before she fell, Martyr Sun Xueqing only had time to stab Sun Yaozu in one eye.”

Before Ye Jian walked out of the bedroom, Xia Jinyuan had already said everything that he knew. When she walked out, she saw Li Jinnian’s straight back emitting a cold aura.

Hearing her footsteps, he, who was covered in coldness, turned around. His cold black eyes were actually slightly red as he looked at her. His eyes seemed to have a thousand things to say.

“Come and sit down,” he said patiently.

Xia Jinyuan said, “I told your cousin some things. He’s very angry now. He’s really angry.”

So it was because of her. Ye Jian felt warm in her heart and walked over. “Cousin, don’t be angry. I just want to find the truth now. I don’t have much anger left.”

“The military commission told me very clearly that this matter is extremely deep and can’t be investigated in a few days. It’s too deep and needs to be taken step by step.

“As long as the military commissar doesn’t give up, I’m willing to wait another year or so.”

The more sensible she was, the more anxious Li Jinnian felt. When he spoke, his usually cold voice was extremely hoarse. “Leave these things to me. Study in peace now and don’t be too sad.

“I’ll figure out the person who harmed Aunt and the forces behind Ye Zhifan. Leave these matters to me. You can be the eldest daughter of the Fu family without worry. You still have me.”

The feeling of having a ‘cousin’ was extraordinary. Having him around helped her hold up the sky and protect her home.

Xia Jinyuan was a little jealous of his cousin-in-law who doted on his sister so much. He wanted to sit down and hold Ye Jian’s hand to talk, but when he thought of his cousin-in-law, who was still pissed off, he endured it.

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