Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 2241

Chapter 2241: Position Of A Cousin

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However, the Demon King in front of him was nagging endlessly. He was no longer as cold and taciturn as before. He looked like a completely different person.

Xia Jinyuan didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. His identity had changed, but why had his personality changed too?

However, Li Jinnian was indeed very concerned about Little Fox. That was why he had spoken to him so confidingly. Therefore, he was not disgusted.

Li Jinnian was naturally very satisfied with Xia Jinyuan. The two of them had known each other for almost seven years. From the initial basic officer training to becoming ‘opponents’ and then being assigned to their respective positions, they had always been in contact. It could be said that their relationship was both friends as well as opponents.

Now, based on Xia Jinyuan’s love and care for his cousin, as well as the fact that he might become his cousin-in-law, Li Jinnian had to say some things that would make him feel uncomfortable.


“Although I don’t know how much my sister has suffered in the past, she has a maturity that doesn’t match her age. I know that she had a hard time in the past. Xia Jinyuan, I’m very grateful to you for taking care of my cousin. I’ll remember it in my heart for the rest of my life and won’t forget it. But I still have to say a few words that I don’t like. This is because of my position as a cousin. I have to say it.

“Although your relationship with my cousin has been confirmed and you know your limits, as her cousin, I don’t want her to be hurt by a relationship. I wasn’t involved in her life previously. In the future, I’ll definitely get myself involved. Of course, you don’t have to worry about what I’ll do. I’ll only appear when you bully my cousin!”

His cousin was his closest relative and the treasure of the Fu family. How could he allow others to bully her?!

After listening carefully, Xia Jinyuan’s expression was solemn. He nodded and said, “Little Fox had suffered several times more than you think. When I first met her, she was thin and weak like a monkey. Later on, I found out that she grew up getting beaten and scolded. My heart ached for her situation, and I couldn’t help but care about her life.”

Li Jinnian’s heart ached from these words. His cousin had led a hard life without parents. She was even beaten and scolded, but her biological family didn’t know anything!

He said in a low voice, “None of those people can escape!” If he didn’t deal with them one by one, he wouldn’t be Ye Jian’s cousin! His eyes turned cold as he asked Xia Jinyuan, “Please tell me who bullied my cousin.”

“Fortunately, there aren’t many of them. One of them is already dead. There’s also Ye Zhifan’s family of three. They’re not a threat anymore. Only Ye Zhifan, who can’t make any big moves now, is left.”

At the mention of Ye Zhifan, Xia Jinyuan’s expression turned cold. This was a guy that even the Discipline Office couldn’t make a move on. It was obvious how difficult he was to deal with!

Li Jinnian’s lips tightened. A person who couldn’t make a big move at the moment… represented trouble.

His cold face darkened a little as he glanced in the direction of the bedroom. His voice also lowered a little. “Back then, my uncle was suddenly recalled for inspection and year-long confinement. After that, my aunt left the army and disappeared. Grandfather went to inquire again but there was no news.

“Even if Red Plum isn’t Aunt’s real name, as long as the troops are real, it’s impossible for there to be no clues. Besides, after Aunt died, it’s impossible for the original troops not to know anything. Grandfather asked many times but always returned empty-handed. I suspect that someone secretly stopped Grandfather from finding Aunt.”

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