Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 202 - Count On Me (5)

Chapter 202: Count On Me (5)

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Xia Jinyuan lifted the cordon and walked out. When he saw Ye Jian hiding next to a tall wall within his peripheral vision, he headed over with a gentle smile on his face.

An ambulance arranged by the Chinese stopped by under his signals. After Ye Jian got on it, she was immediately examined by the doctors and nurses who were also arranged by the embassy.

After the examination, they gave an ‘ok’ gesture meaning that all physical indicators were normal and left the two of them in front with the privacy blind pulled down.

Xia Jinyuan set aside the gas mask and his thin lips curved up when he saw redness gradually returning to her little face. With a normal heart rate… she wasn’t scared anymore.

A smiling Major Xia could be too dangerous. She had just been stunned by his peppermint scent and now his warm, watery smile…. What a dangerous man.

Ye Jian silently lowered her head and rubbed her wrist. “Well, if I don’t think about it then I won’t be scared.”

“Congratulations on taking another step towards becoming a qualified soldier, little girl.” He chuckled and lightly rubbed on her head. “Though you won’t be awarded for your performance this time, your performances will remain on the military record and everyone will be proud of you.”

At the age of only fourteen, she had already experienced kidnapping, participated in an operation to kill and risked herself to save others… All of which were things impossible for her peers to surpass.

Ye Jian actually thought it was better this way. She raised her head and said honestly, “This way is fine, I don’t need any reward or anyone knowing. It’s fine like this.”

“The glory that belongs to you will always be yours. It will be easier to just accept everything. Your mentality is good though, little girl.” Such a girl like Ye Jian was really suitable to join the army and become a soldier.

Outside the hospital, four plain-clothed guards arranged by the embassy immediately came up to greet them as the ambulance pulled up. After making sure they weren’t tailgated, Xia Jinyuan removed Ye Jian’s gas mask and whispered, “Don’t expose yourself, these guards will escort you back to your hotel. After you get back, do not mention tonight’s incident to anyone.”

“I have work to deal with. I will come to see you tomorrow afternoon.” He lightly patted her head. “Take some rest and think about the exam tomorrow.”

Not knowing how to respond, Ye Jian sneered. “I thought you would tell me to take some rest, and forget about the exam tomorrow.”

“Examinations are a student’s main focus, don’t overthink it, little girl.” Xia Jinyuan smiled deeply and returned to the ambulance after he saluted the four guards.”

After Ye Jian coming out of the ophthalmology department, she saw Director Li walking back and forth in the white corridor. Sitting on the chair was a middle-aged, stern-looking man… he was Gao Yiyang’s father.

He especially came to thank Ye Jian for keeping calm in the critical situation and giving the chance to escape to a boy. Such a mindset… was truly admiring.

The Gao family held the majority of the shares of the hospital. As Gao Yiyang’s father inquired the doctor about Ye Jian’s condition, Director Li spoke with his eyes flooded with tears. “Thank god, thank god you are alright. I’d be lying here if you did not come back.”

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