Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 201 - Count On Me (4)

Chapter 201: Count On Me (4)

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Xia Jinyuan’s usual sense of humor came back.

Feeling relieved, Ye Jian restored her usual vigilance. This elegant and humorous Xia Jinyuan was the one she was familiar with!

As Ye Jian thought to herself, Major Xia grew serious once again. He removed his gas mask as he stood under the faint light, revealing his handsome face which looked particularly cold with his lonesome eyes staring at the exit in front. “I will draw their attention.”

“J5 and the rest have already left. Our team can not show up as a group, especially you. The International policemen outside think you’ve been rescued and taken to the hospital with the other Chinese student.”

In order to protect Ye Jian, that was what the Chinese military had told the International police when Gao Yiyang escaped out of the building.

After all, Ye Jian was just known as a student who could conveniently report on the location of Red Scorpion to the police.

On top of that, no one would believe that Red Scorpion, who was a pain to the International Police and Vietnamese military, was killed by a schoolgirl.

Even if they did believe it, it could still bring danger to her safety.

In a building full of International police, Ye Jian stayed a few steps behind Xia Jinyuan and watched as the police stopped him for routine questions.

Without saying a word, he reached out his arm and showed a police one colorful, five-starred-golden miniature flag. Upon seeing it, the police saluted and let him by without another question.

Xia Jinyuan smiled and pointed at the intercom around the policeman’s neck. “I need to use your intercom to talk to your chief.”

“Of course!” The police handed over the intercom without the slightest hesitation. His eyes were full of respect.

Xia Jinyuan thanked him and intentionally turned his body so that he could block the policeman’s vision and keep Ye Jian’s movements within his sight.

He put away his polite smile and gentle voice and spoke to the Commander on-site in an inviolable and harsh tone. “Please inform your Commander in Chief, we have the thing he wants. In order to get it, please apologize to our Chinese soldiers first.”

His cold and powerful voice struck straight into the hearts of all the people.

In standard American English, he spoke to everyone on the intercom. At the same time, the European police officers who initially thought of Chinese soldiers as incompetent felt ashamed of themselves.

It took a certain amount of courage to say these words. He returned the intercom back to the abashed police officer and smiled politely. “Goodbye.”

Though he didn’t speak loudly, his words were loud enough to draw all the attention from the police on duty in that area. Simultaneously, he saw Ye Jian lightly dashing behind a tree from the wall.

She remained hidden and vigilantly observed the surroundings like a little fox that just got out of its cave. Then, she lightly jumped over the cordon and successfully dodged out of sight.

Watching her leave, Xia Jinyuan lightly lifted the corners of his mouth. Powerful and athletic… she is, indeed, the ‘reserved soldier’ trained by the Class A Master Sergeant and world-class sniper.

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