Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 14 - See How You Will End It

Chapter 14: See How You Will End It

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As Ye Ying chased after Ye Jian, she happened to run into her mother. Sun Dongqing was talking with the village leader, Zhang Defu, who was heading to the township government to run affairs. She could vaguely hear that her mom was asking about the teachers in her middle school.

Naturally, Ye Jian, who was closer to them, also could hear their conversation. With a faint smile on her face, she glanced at Ye Ying. Without a word, she had intimidated Ye Ying.

“Is it true that recently there is a math teacher from the city? I heard that…”

At this point, Ye Ying had forgotten her tears. Like a cat whose tail had been stepped on, she shrieked, “Mom! Stop meddling with such stuff!”

Since Ye Ying was guilty, what she was frightened of the most was the mentioning of teachers…

The sudden scream made Sun Dongqing’s heart race. “Why are you yelling?! All you know is fooling around! You think you are a princess, don’t you? And I am your servant. But you don’t have to stay here if you are destined to be a princess.”

It sounded like she was criticizing Ye Ying, but she was actually swearing at Ye Jian.

Ye Jian smiled and pretended she had not heard it. Since Ye Zhifan had not returned, and it was Ye Ying who was truly guilty, the scandal of seducing a teacher would not cause a storm in the village for the time being.

Sun Dongqing had tried so hard to subdue her anger. But as Ye Jian ignored her and maintained her composure, Sun Dongqing became infuriated again. She rolled her eyes and sneered, “Huh. Are you coming back to pack your things? It makes sense. My house is too banal and small to host such an important person like you.”

She was saying these words to threaten Ye Jian!

Wicked girl! Let me see if you dare talk back to me again! If you don’t behave, then leave my house! And you’ll have nowhere else to go!

As the village leader Zhang Defu frowned and was about to ask what the problem was, he saw that Ye Jian’s eyes were filled with tears. As tears dropped from her eyes, she sobbed, “Aunt, I have told you that I am innocent. I have never done such a thing as seducing my teacher. If I admit to such a false allegation, my life will be ruined.”

“Aunt, I beg you, give me a chance to live.”

As she finished her words, Ye Jian used her hands to cover her face and ran away.

She was heading to the neighboring village, to find her classmate Zhang Bin, who handed in the exam paper together with her yesterday.

In the old days, the damage was already done when she woke up from her trip and fall. She was bewildered and shocked to learn that she was accused of seducing her teacher.

Zhang Bin, who handed in the exam paper around the same time with her, was the only classmate who stood up for her.

Sun Dongqing and Ye Ying were dumbfounded as they saw Ye Jian running away in tears as if she was suffering indescribable grievances.

Zhang Defu could not stand what he had witnessed and he said unpleasantly, “Dongqing, your husband has only one niece, and you are Ye Jian’s aunt. Do you think it was appropriate for you to talk to your young relative like that?” Then, he flung his sleeves and left.

Sun Dongqing was so pissed that she laid down on the ground. Slapping her thighs, she complained about her unreasonably bad luck and how she had been treating Ye Jian most kindly. Anyway, she couldn’t defend herself now that Ye Jian had left in tears.

Ye Jian, who was on her way to the neighboring village, couldn’t hear her complaints. Even if she could, she would not mind them.

Rather than waste time on the main street, she chose a small path that only required climbing over a mountain.

The hibernating animals, including snakes, woke up as soon as spring arrived.

Ye Jian picked up a branch as thick as two fingers. It was not to guard against snakes. She had not been frightened of snakes since she was a child. It was just a habit of hers to hold a branch in her hands.

When alone, she would be better off possessing a defensive weapon.

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