Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 13 - So Phony

Chapter 13: So Phony

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Let me see if you have truly changed!

Since the argument had begun, Ye Ying didn’t bother to pretend anymore. At this moment, she was not the kind-hearted and well-behaved Ye Ying. Now that she was upset, Ye Ying revealed her true personality—arrogant and spoiled. With a straight face, she said violently, “You live in my house and my family provides for you. You are worse than a dog if you leave my family!”

Ye Jian looked at her. Her black eyes were like the peaceful and spacious sea but also contained unfathomable depth and chill. Her stare made Ye Ying so uncomfortable that she swallowed and stammered, “Y… you, what are you looking at?”

With a gentle smile, she said slowly, “Go home and ask your mom who is really providing for me! One more thing, Ye Ying, it is you whose life would be more miserable than a dog if you leave me. Bear that in mind!”

“See you on Monday, Ye Ying.”

Monday. Grade Eight of the Fujun Town Middle School would hold a mock exam. Do not underestimate this middle school. Because an army unit was stationed in this town, the school was rather strict with academics.

At the mention of Monday, Ye Ying’s face froze instantly. She was furious and felt that she had suffered unimaginable grievances. Teardrops started to roll down like beads from her watery eyes.

“Sister, it’s my bad, it’s my bad. Please don’t be angry.” Although Ye Ying hated Ye Jian extremely, she pretended to admit her mistake right away. She acted just like a temperamental child, who could always win the forgiveness from adults easily.

Ye Jian glanced at Ye Ying’s hands that were holding her sleeves. With a fake smile on her face, she looked at Ye Ying with contempt. “I’ve witnessed your deceitfulness too many times. You say how much you are sorry, but deep inside your heart, you hate me so very much.”

“I know what you have said to your mom.” Unexpectedly, Ye Jian turned around a bit and examined Ye Ying’s flustered face with her cold black eyes. “Yesterday, you dragged me to run with you, because it was you who was seducing the new math teacher.”

Hearing this, Ye Ying was panicked and frightened. However, to conceal the fact, she raised her voice and screamed, “Nonsense!”

“You know very well whether it is nonsense or not.” Ye Jian raised her hand and patted on the back of Ye Ying’s hands gently. With a faint smile, she said, “As the saying goes, he who is unjust is doomed to destruction. Ye Ying, you have never been good at proverbs, you must have not remembered this one.”

At that moment, Ye Ying felt like something was being ironed into the back of her hands. She was so scared that she shook off Ye Jian’s hands.

She looked at the smiling Ye Jian again. It seemed like she was the same old Ye Jian, but something was vaguely different. Yes, there were subtle smiles in her black eyes, but they were dominated by a chill…

“Ye Jian…” As usual, Ye Ying tried to raise her voice and yelled at Ye Jian. But it was not until she opened her mouth that she realized her voice was quivering.

The shiver was so obvious that Ye Jian could hear it.

“Oh! I’m going to tell my dad that you bully me! You bully me!” Anxious and scared, Ye Ying cried more loudly as she saw Ye Jian—the person that she had always been bullying and looking down upon—leave without looking back.

What should I do? How do I clean up this mess? Since Ye Ying dared not stay here any longer, she could only chase after Ye Jian while crying.

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