Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 1350 - Do You Still Have Shame?

Chapter 1350: Do You Still Have Shame?

Ye Zhifan always knew that his daughter couldn’t accept the fact that Ye Jian was stronger than her. However, this was the truth. If she didn’t accept it, would Ye Jian become weaker than her?

There was a limit to deceiving oneself!

Ye Zhifan didn’t try to persuade his daughter when he saw her crying. They had to cry when sending off the deceased Uncle Gen. His daughter crying now fits the scenario.

“I don’t even know when Ye Jian’s everything became yours. If you think so, doesn’t that mean that her results should belong to you too?”

To prevent his daughter from going crazy every time she saw Ye Jian, Ye Zhifan continued to reprimand her in a low voice. “Do you think I don’t know how you got your results in junior high?”

“You forced Ye Jian to write your name on her exam paper, while you wrote her name on your exam paper. Ye Ying, who took everything that belonged to who?”

“In the past, you had no qualms about taking Ye Jian’s results. Now, you still have the cheek to say that Ye Jian took away everything that belongs to you? I work in the town. I know that your mother indulges you in fooling around!”

Ye Ying had never told Ye Zhifan about these things, not even Sun Dongqing! Things from a few years ago were brought up. Ye Ying broke down in tears and hiccuped furiously.

How did Dad know? This… How did Dad know?

Ye Ying, who was always afraid of Ye Zhifan, felt her heart pounding furiously. She didn’t dare to face the music so she burst into more tears to avoid being reprimanded.

The coldness on Ye Zhifan’s face got deeper. “You can play tricks with your mother. But in front of me, you’re still too green, Ye Ying.”

“You’re jealous that Ye Jian is more promising than you now. You’re not trying to improve your ability. Instead, you chose to run away. You even found a ridiculous excuse that everything that belongs to Ye Jian should have belonged to you. Ye Ying, it’s fine if you say such things to your father. But if you dare to say such things outside and embarrass yourself, you know my temper!”

The last sentence shocked Ye Ying so much that she trembled. She nodded her head furiously with tears in her eyes. She didn’t dare to say anything to comfort herself or find an excuse to calm her jealousy anymore.

Ye Jian, who had been reborn, had already become a hurdle in Ye Ying’s heart. As long as she met Ye Jian, Ye Ying, who was smart and shrewd, would seem like a different person. Not only would she look disgusting, but her intelligence would also drop rapidly.

Ye Zhifan knew that when Ye Ying wasn’t confident enough to face Ye Jian, it would be best if she didn’t face Ye Jian directly. That way, nothing would happen!

Ye Zhifan was a smart person. He realized the crux of the problem and immediately changed his strategy. He didn’t want Ye Ying to have a chance to compete with Ye Jian.

He was afraid that Ye Ying would get destroyed by her jealousy!

How could Ye Ying, who was forced by her father to recognize the truth, walk out of it all at once? Jealousy was not something that was cultivated in a day. Her unbalanced mentality was increasing day by day. Now, it has become something that could affect Ye Ying’s judgment. If she could walk out, she wouldn’t be the Ye Ying today.

In addition, there was Sun Dongqing, who was a burden and was helping her daughter to deny the truth. Sun Dongqing always thought that Ye Jian should be lowly. If Ye Zhifan wanted to groom Ye Ying into the Ye Ying in the past life, there was only one word for it: difficult!

After reprimanding her for so long, Ye Zhifan didn’t say anything else. He opened the car door and asked Ye Ying to get in. “Call your mother. Stay in the village and don’t enter the city these few days.”

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