Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 1349 - What Right Do You Have to Compete

Chapter 1349: What Right Do You Have to Compete

She smiled as she spoke. Her strong eyebrows relaxed gently. She stood and saluted the soldiers who sent Uncle Gen off.

Ye Ying, who was standing at the back, clenched her fists so tightly that her fingernails dug into her palms. This was such a grand farewell ceremony… The wicked girl was in the limelight! All the soldiers were looking at her!

She always thought that she, Ye Ying, was the center of attention. However, at some point in time, Ye Jian stole everything from her!

The students in her class surrounded Ye Jian. All the teachers praised her. Even the parents thought that Ye Jian was not bad.

A fellow who didn’t have a mother or a father and had to be wary of her to get a meal. Why did she get all these? Why was she more dazzling than Ye Ying?

Ye Ying’s facial features were distorted by jealousy. Her pretty face was distorted. She didn’t look like a teenage girl but a middle-aged woman.

Ye Ying only saw Ye Jian being the center of attention. She didn’t know that Ye Jian had won the respect of many soldiers. Especially those soldiers who knew Ye Jian. They looked at Ye Jian with concern and worry for a comrade!

However, Ye Zhifan knew that this was a troublesome matter. He even guessed that the lieutenant general might know Ye Jian.

Also, he noticed that when Ye Jian got off and on the hearse, the soldiers that were escorting her looked at her with a familiar gaze. They were looking at her with concern. It was obvious that they knew Ye Jian.

How did they know Ye Jian?

How did Ye Jian know them?

No matter how powerful Uncle Gen’s network was, how could Ye Jian know the low-ranking soldiers?

The more he thought about it, the more frightened Ye Zhifan became. As he thought about it carefully, he suddenly realized that his daughter, Ye Ying, had a crazy expression on her face. She looked as though she was going to rush up and fight Ye Jian at any moment. Ye Zhifan raised his eyebrows furiously and pulled Ye Ying back immediately. “Yingying, if you don’t learn to control your temper, how are you going to compete with Ye Jian?”

“Dad, everything that belongs to her should belong to me! Everything belongs to me!” Ye Ying didn’t see the soldiers’ concern for Ye Jian but she felt that the atmosphere was different. It was all around Ye Jian. It belonged to her alone!

Ye Zhifan’s face turned pale. He suppressed the anger in his heart and scolded in a low voice, “Everything belongs to you? Ye Ying, if you don’t sober up, I will be completely disappointed in you!”

She was blinded!

She only saw Ye Jian’s present. However, she wouldn’t think about the fact that Ye Jian had achievements today because of the efforts she put in.

“I have already said that Ye Jian is not worse than you. You are not worse than Ye Jian too!” If it wasn’t for his only daughter, Ye Zhifan would have given up on competing with Ye Jian.

Based on her daughter’s current appearance, what does she have to compete with Ye Jian?

“I will bring you to attend Uncle Gen’s memorial service now. Before you know whether Ye Jian and that lieutenant general know each other or not, you are not allowed to make decisions on your own!” For his career and his daughter’s future, he had no other choice but to find an opportunity to fight for her!

Ye Ying was really crying now. She didn’t want to believe what she saw. She didn’t want to accept the fact that Ye Jian was stronger than her.

Unfortunately, it was useless even if she didn’t believe or didn’t want to. Her father always reminded her that the wicked girl was stronger than her!

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