Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 1343 - Too Shameless!

Chapter 1343: Too Shameless!

The moment Doctor Zhou entered, she heard her daughter crying and laughing. She was shocked. “Jiaxin, what’s wrong with you?”

“Jiaxin seems to be like this all the time. She’s quite authentic.” Someone said in a coquettish voice. “Jiaxin bullied me a lot in junior high, Aunt Zhou.”

This voice, f*ck!

Ye Ying!

An Jiaxin, whose tears were still not dry, raised her head abruptly. She glared at Ye Ying and said coldly, “Mom, I’m not familiar with her. You don’t have to take what she says seriously.”

Ye Ying’s smile froze on her face. Jiaxin didn’t give any face at all. A sinister look even flashed past her watery eyes.

“This child.” Doctor Zhou didn’t say anything. She pretended to be frightened and patted her daughter’s shoulder. Then, she turned and said to Ye Zhifan, “Town Mayor Ye… Oh no, no, I don’t know how to address you.”

Ye Ying was the first to speak. Smiling, she said, “My dad is now the director of the Provincial Construction Bureau.” She was showing off.

“Director Ye, please take a seat first,” Doctor Zhou said politely. She did not appear nervous because a Bureau Director was standing in front of her. “I’m afraid that Uncle Gen’s ward is full. I’ll bring Director Ye over later.”

He was here representing all the villagers in Shuikou Village to visit Uncle Gen, the village chief of Shuikou Village, Zhang Defu, also called personally… She had to help even if she didn’t want to.

Visiting Uncle Gen was fake, what Ye Zhifan wanted was to befriend the high-ranking military officer in the ward. He was a little surprised when he heard that. “Full? Are there many people here? The air won’t flow with all of them in the ward. Won’t this make Uncle Gen even more uncomfortable?”

“There should be people. Military doctors are looking after him. There won’t be a problem.” After Doctor Zhou finished speaking, she pushed An Jiaxin and reprimanded her softly, “You didn’t eat breakfast, right? Hurry up and go down for breakfast!”

Didn’t she hear enough about Ye Jian and Ye Ying’s family? Why did she need this girl to remind her? It was fortunate that Ye Jian took care of her for the past three years. If not, with her personality, she would have suffered a lot!

An Jiaxin, who didn’t want to stay, found an excuse. She didn’t even look at Ye Ying and strode out. When she walked out of the door, she suddenly said, “Mom, give me my college admission notice. Someone is here. It’s not safe!”

…Ye Ying is too evil. Don’t tear her admission notice!

Ye Ying gritted her teeth. An Jiaxin did that on purpose! On purpose!

Doctor Zhou actually gave it to her. “What do you mean? Go home after breakfast. Don’t distract me.”

That’s right, she did it on purpose. So what? An Jiaxin looked at Ye Ying provocatively. She took the notice and left.

She needed to tell Jian that Ye Ying and her father came with bad intentions.

To go downstairs, she had to turn left. To go to the ward, she had to turn right. An Jiaxin chose to go to the ward.

Ye Zhifan narrowed his eyes and signaled his daughter, Ye Ying, with his eyes. He wanted her to go over and take a look at the situation first.

When Doctor Zhou saw this, she sneered in disdain. She really didn’t understand how Ye Zhifan managed to become the director of the construction bureau.

It was not easy to go to Uncle Gen’s ward. Two sentinels blocked Ye Ying with their hands and said in a low voice, “Please go back. Thank you for your cooperation.”

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