Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 1342 - You Still Have Us

Chapter 1342: You Still Have Us

“Ye Jian, change into your military uniform now and show it to the old squad leader who raised you!” The school leader already knew that this dying old man was a Class A Master Sergeant. He passed the military uniform and military cap to Ye Jian and said solemnly, “Don’t let the old squad leader leave any regrets! Go quick!”

The ward was very quiet. Everyone was listening to Commander Xia, who already sat by the bed and was holding the old man’s right hand. “Old squad leader, don’t worry. I, Xia Xinhui, will only acknowledge Ye Jian as my daughter-in-law. I won’t acknowledge anyone else other than her. If Xia Jinyuan does anything to Ye Jian in the future, the first person who won’t forgive him will be me, Xia Xinhui!”

Ye Jian went to the doctor’s office to change her military uniform. An Jiaxin, who hadn’t left, quickly put up the partition screen. “…Change your clothes and put them on the bed. I’ll fold them for you.”

Rustling sounds came from behind the screen. An Jiaxin frowned and bit her lower lip. She didn’t ask Ye Jian to cry with her. Instead, she comforted her, “Don’t cry. My mom said that whenever Grandpa Gen is awake, he always talks about how strong you are. Jian, you must be strong, understand?”

After speaking for less than a minute, Ye Jian walked out from behind the screen wearing a peaked cap. “I will be strong, Jiaxin! Thank you!”

This was Ye Jian’s military uniform. The dark green uniform was tailored to her proportions without any creases. It was as if it had just been ironed.

The epaulet on her shoulder wasn’t an ordinary one. It was a three-star captain epaulet. The three five-pointed stars that were shining brightly were solemn and mighty. Together with the insignia pinned on her collar, it showed the dignity of a soldier.

Her dark green military pants were straight, outlining her posture like a pine tree. Her serious military aura was so heavy that An Jiaxin couldn’t help but quiet her breathing… Ye Jian, who was wearing the military uniform, was so familiar yet so unfamiliar.

“Ye Jian…” An Jiaxin couldn’t help but call out to her. Ye Jian, who was walking out, stopped and turned around. It was still her familiar face. However, there was a different expression on her face. When she raised her head and looked over, her gaze was as cold as the shadow of a sword. It was so cold that it made her panic.

“Take care of yourself. You still have us,” An Jiaxin said softly, carrying a tone of awe without realizing.

Facing her best friend’s consolation, Ye Jian nodded with reddened eyes. She smiled and said, “I will.” For Grandpa Gen’s sake, she would be strong. “I’m going to accompany Grandpa. Jiaxin, let’s talk later.”

It was not until Ye Jian walked out of the office that An Jiaxin reached out her hand to support herself on the office desk that had badly chipped paint. She shifted to the office chair and sat down slowly with her slightly weak knees.

The familiar Ye Jian had a strange expression on her face. She said that she only had one goal in her second year of junior high. She was working hard to enter the military school. She said that she was secretly training so that she could enter the military in the future…

Her good friend, who had always been moving towards her goal, finally wore the military uniform as she wished… It was really good. It was really very good. She would never have to suffer again… and no one would dare to bully her again.

This was good. This was really good.

Sitting alone in the office, An Jiaxin covered her face with her hands, laughing and crying at times. She was happy that her good friend was able to achieve what she had today. She was also sad that her best friend’s loved one was going to leave this world soon.

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