Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 1338 - Will There Be a Miracle?

Chapter 1338: Will There Be a Miracle?

Ye Jian knew that Commander-in-Chief Xia would come but she didn’t know that the leaders of the military school would come too. She jolted up immediately and heard a familiar voice. “Ye Jian’s awake.”

Principal Chen’s voice.

“Uncle Chen.” Ye Jian turned around and saw Principal Chen pouring water from the kettle. Her eyes turned red when she saw her other relative. “You have worked hard these last few days. I came back too late.”

“Silly child, there’s no need to be so polite.” Principal Chen, who slept for a few hours last night, felt much better. His eyes were not bloodshot anymore. “Come, take a cotton swab and wet the corners of Uncle Gen’s mouth to moisten his throat.”

Ye Jian immediately took the glass and cotton swabs. With a serious expression, she lowered her hands and took care of Uncle Gen carefully.

Xia Jinyuan, who was on the phone outside, turned his head and saw that Ye Jian had woken up. He said a few words and hung up. The two military doctors who were making their rounds in the morning came with two nurses. They were going to give Uncle Gen a daily checkup.

“Compared to two days ago, the old man has been unconscious for a longer time. Everyone, be mentally prepared.” After the two military doctors finished their inspection, they took off their stethoscopes and sighed. The old man’s physical fitness had been completely destroyed. He was able to last until now because he was holding his breath. Once this breath was released… it would be the end.

Ye Jian gathered the corners of the thin blanket and listened to the military doctor attentively. After some time, she asked in a soft voice, “I want to know… Is there any possibility that my grandfather will wake up?”

“I can’t be sure. It’s possible. It will be terminal lucidity.”

The military doctor’s words made Ye Jian shudder uncontrollably. Xia Jinyuan, who came in, immediately raised his hand and placed it on her shoulder. He asked the military doctor calmly, “If he continues being in a coma, how long can he last on the IV drip alone?”

“All the organs in the old man’s body are failing. He can’t absorb too much. How long he lasts will depend on the old man’s will.”

That meant that he wouldn’t recover. It was all thanks to Uncle Gen’s will that he was still breathing after going into a coma for so long.

Ye Jian, whose results were better than the students in medical school, had a glimmer of hope in her heart. “You mean that my grandpa’s brain still has consciousness. The possibility of him waking up is high, right?”

“You can think of it that way too.” The military doctor nodded. “As long as the brain hasn’t stopped working, the old man will still have a chance to wake up.”

“That’s good, that’s good.” Ye Jian’s eyes seemed to be on fire. Her eyes were bright. As long as Grandpa Gen still had a chance to wake up, she would try to wake him up… She hoped that he could get through this. She hoped that he could get through this!

The military doctor seemed to know what she was thinking. He shook his head secretly and didn’t say anything else.

Patients’ families would always hope for a miracle to happen. Unfortunately, miracles wouldn’t happen just because you wanted them to. This was especially true for old people. Their organs were already at the end of their lifespans. They would only wake up when they woke up.

There shouldn’t be too many people in the ward. Under Principal Chen’s instructions, Xia Jinyuan accompanied Ye Jian to wash up and tidy herself up before coming back.

Commander Liu and Commissar Yan went to the bun shop in town to buy some vegetable buns and fried dough sticks. They were waiting for Ye Jian to wash up and eat with them.

“Uncle Gen wanted to see you in your military uniform so Uncle Chen called the military. Major General Yang from the army called the military school. He hoped that the school would cooperate and fulfill his wish.”

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