Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 1337 - Commander-in-Chief Xia Is Here

Chapter 1337: Commander-in-Chief Xia Is Here

Xia Jinyuan chatted softly with Uncle Gen. The 40-year-old military doctor cleaned Ye Jian’s wound and advised her earnestly, “The old man is already old. When he’s awake, he can still chat with us. This shows that he is free from worry. Since you’re his only relative, how can you hurt yourself and make him worry?”

“Treat yourself well. That’s the most filial thing you can do for the elderly, understand?”

Actually, Ye Jian didn’t know why she bit herself. If it wasn’t for the military doctor’s reminder, she wouldn’t have felt any pain.

Ye Jian nodded shyly. She wiped her tears and tried to control her emotions. Everyone knew that Grandpa Gen was the most worried about her. How could she disappoint him?

The military doctor saw that her eyes were gradually clearing up. Even the sorrow on her face was hidden bit by bit. There was only a hint of determination in her bright eyes. The military doctor couldn’t help but smile.

Ten minutes later, Ye Jian thanked the military doctor and returned to the ward to accompany Uncle Gen.

Xia Jinyuan was still talking to Uncle Gen in a soft voice. Even though he knew that the old man couldn’t hear him, he continued speaking softly, “With you around, Ye Jian will always know that there’s a family waiting for her wherever she goes. There’s a home for her to go back to.”

“Uncle, open your eyes when you’re done sleeping. We’re all waiting to hear your voice. I’m still waiting to go fishing with you. Also, when I have my wedding with Ye Jian, I want to serve you tea to thank you for your teachings and for grooming her into a talent, letting me get a steal.”

Ye Jian, who was standing at the door, laughed and cried. Grandpa Gen was her family. Uncle Chen was her family too. Captain Xia would be her family too.

For their sake, she had to pull herself together. She mustn’t let them worry.

She wiped her tears and patted her cheeks lightly. She took a deep breath and walked into the ward with her head held high.

Xia Jinyuan turned his head when he heard the commotion. He saw Ye Jian sweeping away the dispirited look in her eyes. She was just like the Ye Jian who didn’t show any fear in the face of war.

She had already adjusted her emotions and mentality.

“I’ll keep watch. You can lean on the bed and sleep. We’ll each sleep for one hour.” Xia Jinyuan held her hand and pulled her to sit on the stool. “Many people from the military will be coming to visit Uncle during the day. As Uncle’s family, his only granddaughter needs to buck up, understand?”

Ye Jian didn’t reject him. “Okay, wake me up in an hour.”

She must perk up and let Grandpa Gen see her best state of mind when he wakes up. She mustn’t let him get worried or anxious!

After adjusting her mindset, Ye Jian had a restless sleep but she still slept until 6.30 am. In a daze, she heard Xia Jinyuan talking. “Dad, come with the leaders of the military school. How many guards did you bring? A private helicopter was arranged. Including the pilot, the helicopter can only seat five people. Two of the leaders of the military school came so you can only bring one guard.”

“Yes, everything has been arranged. The air route has been approved. The two leaders of the military school can only reach the Anyang train station at eight o’clock. Dad, go to the train station now and wait for the two leaders.”

Xia Jinyuan was the only person who could arrange for Commander-in-Chief Xia to wait for someone.

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