Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 1325 - Xia Jinyuan, About Turn! Forward March!

Chapter 1325: Xia Jinyuan, About Turn! Forward March!

Initially, she was so touched that she wanted to cry. Now, she wanted to pinch the muscles on his waist. Coincidentally, her arms were wrapped around his waist. Ye Jian didn’t hesitate and grabbed the muscles on his waist. “If you turn against me one day, I will carry a gun and a cannon to find you no matter what.”

“So scary?” The young major laughed. “Then, I have to be careful. Based on my little fox’s instincts, one sniper bullet will be able to kill me. It’s too scary. I should be more obedient and be loyal to you alone.”

“I will only watch over you. How about that?”

At the start, she was still laughing wantonly. However, when she heard the last sentence, she blushed. “… Can you talk properly? You… I’m going to take a shower! Hurry up and go back to your room!”

No matter how strong-willed Ye Jian was, she was no match to his sweet-talking!

Xia Jinyuan laughed even louder. He quickly lowered his head and pecked her on the lips. “I’ll leave the luggage here. We’ll go shopping in five minutes. What do you think?”

“After training for so long, we should relax. We need to strike a balance between work and leisure to be able to win the next battle.” The atmosphere was good. The lights were warm but Xia Jinyuan didn’t move. His hand was still around Ye Jian’s waist. He kept avoiding the sunburn on Ye Jian’s back.

He released his hand and placed the short-sleeved sportswear in her hand. “Wear this. It’s comfortable… When we reach the pharmacy later, we’ll buy a bottle of cooling cream. You still need to treat your sunburn.”

“The wound on my shoulder isn’t serious. You don’t have to be too nervous.” Ye Jian knew that he was avoiding her back. She pursed her lips and smiled. “I only have sunburn on my shoulder and the back of my neck. As long as I don’t rub it, I won’t feel much other than a little pain.”

“Every soldier will experience countless sunburns. Although my heart will ache, I don’t think that you can rest just like that. As a soldier, you have to bear everything that this military uniform has given you. Hardships and glory coexist.” Xia Jinyuan retracted his smile and looked at the strong girl quietly. He said slowly in a gentle and low voice, “Training hard is for the sake of fighting in the future. Little Fox, my heart aches for you. However, as a soldier, my principles and your pride tell me that you’re not a fragile porcelain doll. You don’t care too much about a normal sunburn.”

He knew her best. Ye Jian smiled brightly. “I like the understanding Captain Xia!”

“Wrong. You should say ‘I love the understanding Captain Xia’.”

“My instinct tells me that if I keep you here, I will have to listen to things that make me blush. Xia Jinyuan, about turn! Forward march!” Ye Jian’s sixth sense was telling her to chase this elegant and dangerous major out of the room so that she wouldn’t hear… romantic words again!

After taking his clothes, Xia Jinyuan turned around and walked away with a low laugh.

His little fox was being shy again.

The door closed. Although he had left, the air seemed to still have his warm smell. Ye Jian stood for a long time with the cotton short-sleeved shirt in her hand. She smiled and entered the bathroom.

Five minutes later, the two of them came out wearing the same sports attire. In Xia Jinyuan’s words, they were wearing couple outfits!

Ye Jian was unromantic. She replied honestly, “Then I’m wearing couple outfits with my comrades every day in the military unit.”

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