Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 1324 - I Will Definitely Love You More

Chapter 1324: I Will Definitely Love You More

“I didn’t do much. Sometimes, it’s just a small matter. Why do you always like me boasting?” Major Xia sighed. Little Fox might be sly, but she was a blank piece of paper when it came to relationships!

Listen to what she said. Fortunately, the man she met was Xia Jinyuan… If it was a playful bastard, wouldn’t this little fellow be so devoted to him that she wouldn’t dare disobey him?

“Fortunately, I’m the one who found you. If not, Uncle Gen and Uncle Chen would have to worry about you getting fooled by the bad man. Little Fox, remember what I said. It’s natural for a man to treat his woman well.”

“If I treat you well, you will treat me well and our family well in the future. I helped you to solve some problems because I don’t want you to be distracted. I want you to chase after me wholeheartedly and stand beside me sooner.”

His voice was low and mellow. Under the warm light, it was like a glass of wine. It was filled with temptation and fragrance. “I didn’t want to tell you because I wanted to do those things.”

“Loving someone is not something you say. You need to take action. Your childhood experiences allowed you to mature too early. A hard shell was erected in your heart. You closed off all your emotions and distrust everyone around you. As for me, I want to woo you. Of course, I have to find a way to enter your heart and walk into your world.”

After opening his mouth, Xia Jinyuan had no intention of stopping. He knew Ye Jian too well. If he didn’t explain it clearly, she would continue asking him next time and remember it in her heart.

He only hoped that she would complete every day of training happily and walk the military path wholeheartedly. She didn’t need to be distracted or burdened.

There were tears in Ye Jian’s eyes. She buried her face in his arms and felt his love for her.

“Xia Jinyuan, you treat me so well. Aren’t you afraid that I will turn my back on you?” Her voice was a little deep but the corners of her mouth were raised high. Ye Jian knew that she was so happy that her voice was filled with sweetness.

Xia Jinyuan hugged her tightly and laughed. He said calmly, “Every day, I do something that will move you. You will love me more and more. You should be worried that I will turn my back on you one day.”

This girl is about to cry…

She could shed blood and sweat during training, but he couldn’t bear to see her cry in her daily life.

To the girl I love, I only want you to be free and carefree, enjoying the sweetness of love. How can you cry? My good girl, you should smile like a blooming flower.

Xia Jinyuan lowered his head and rested his chin on top of Ye Jian’s head. With a gentle gaze, he raised his voice and teased her, “Sigh, I didn’t think that what I did was anything impressive. Now that you mention it, I feel that my image has become loftier. Also, I can tell that my little fox wants me to love her more and dote on her more.”

“Don’t worry. I will use my actions to tell you that I love and dote on you.”

Major Xia had the elegance and nobility that Ye Jian liked. At the same time, he had the bad taste of Ye Jian’s helplessness and the heart that would tease her from time to time.

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