Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 1314 - The Color of Love

Chapter 1314: The Color of Love

Xia Jinyuan couldn’t help but smile. What a good counselor. He thought that he had given up on probing but in actual fact, he still wanted to probe his relationship with Little Fox.

As he got closer and closer to Ye Jian, Major Xia stopped talking to Big Shark. He gave a faint smile and looked at Big Shark intently. When he saw that the other party was also smiling at him, the young major raised his eyebrows. His handsome face was calm and elegant.

Just you wait, Comrade Big Shark. We will meet on the battlefield in the middle of October!

When Big Shark saw this, the smile on his face got deeper.

Although he couldn’t tell what his relationship with Ye Jian was, he was certain that Major Xia didn’t want to pair Ye Jian to Demon King Li.

Unfortunately, the other party was too well-hidden. He didn’t manage to gain anything from his probing.

Young people nowadays are all amazing. He was already 30 years old but he couldn’t see through their thoughts… He couldn’t even see through a young lady like Ye Jian!

The two groups of barefooted frogmen turned left and returned to the camp in an orderly manner with their diving equipment on their backs.

Big Eel and Big Whale, who knew Xia Jinyuan, gave him an old friend’s smile and a look that said they would meet him later. They needed to bring the new frogmen back to the camp first.

Xia Jinyuan exchanged glances with them and looked at Ye Jian eagerly.

At a close distance, the eyes of this unyielding soldier turned sour. What tan? It was obviously sunburn!

The skin on the back of her neck was mostly rolled up until it reached her ears, revealing large areas of pink. There were even traces of blood in some areas. Those were the marks left behind by the friction of diving equipment.

Ye Jian seemed to feel his heartache for her. She looked up and smiled brightly. She shook her head gently to show that she was fine.

Looking at her bright smile, Xia Jinyuan took a deep breath to calm himself down.

“Long time no see.” Li Jinnian took the initiative to greet Xia Jinyuan as if he didn’t see their exchange of gazes.

“Long time no see.” Xia Jinyuan suppressed his heartache and smiled at Li Jinnian. Then, they reached out their hands and held each other’s hands. The moment they shook hands, the air around them turned heavy.

Big Shark gave a mysterious smile and looked at Ye Jian. Then, he narrowed his eyes. There was a hint of darkness in his eyes.

Ye Jian was already standing beside Xia Jinyuan. The distance was a little close. She was so close that she could smell his refreshing and clean scent with just one breath. The smile on Ye Jian’s face got deeper. Her face became more beautiful too.

What was love?

Maybe this was love. Even when she smelled his scent, she felt sweet.

Facing his former strongest training competitor, Xia Jinyuan maintained his gentlemanly demeanor and greeted him politely, “Thanks for your hard work, Demon King.”

“I’m just doing my job,” Demon King Li replied calmly. He saw Big Shark on Xia Jinyuan’s left winking at him. He frowned slightly. He didn’t understand what Big Shark was trying to say.

Big Shark had many things to say. Seeing that he didn’t understand his painstaking efforts, Big Shark took the initiative to give him some advice. “Jinnian, I just found out from Captain Xia that he and Ye Jian will be flying at two in the afternoon. There’s still time. Why not have a meal first?”

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