Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 1313 - Unwilling to Give Up

Chapter 1313: Unwilling to Give Up

As a wedded counselor, Big Shark liked to prioritize the good resources to his military unit. The other counselors in the other military units had the same problem too. It was as if they had all undergone training and liked to be matchmakers!

Hence, he continued to be fearless and challenged Major Xia’s bottom line again. “I have never seen him hold a female soldier’s bag! There must be something fishy going on.”

Xia Jinyuan was so happy that he was smiling. As he walked, he glanced at Big Shark coldly. “Don’t think about things that you shouldn’t. What you think about is impossible.”

“Also, from what I know, Ye Jian already has someone she likes.” Her boyfriend is right in front of you!

“That’s impossible. She’s only in university. How can she have someone she likes?” Big Shark shook his head. He was very determined. “With her outstanding results, she won’t fall in love early in school. She has to train during the winter vacation and summer vacation. How can she have the time to fall in love early?”

Major Xia, I’m sorry. I just want to be the matchmaker for once!

Rubbing the wound at the corner of his mouth, the smile in his eyes was deep.

Xia Jinyuan’s attention was on Ye Jian. As she got closer, her skin color could be seen.

Little Fox seemed to be tanned but she was energetic.

The tough training didn’t make her withdraw. She persevered day after day. In the end, she became a rare bright pearl that came out of dust.

This was his little fox, the one and only girl that he loved dearly.

Big Shark even wants to match her with another man. He must be dreaming! This was impossible in this lifetime and the same in the next lifetime too!

Xia Jinyuan walked closer step by step and carefully looked at the girl he liked. He replied slowly, “She can find the time to if she really wants to date. Besides, if she doesn’t have the time, the person wooing her must squeeze out some time to accompany her.”

Major Xia, who had good self-restraint, felt a little suffocated when he encountered situations where his girlfriend gets plucked out to match other men.

He was already being clear enough. If Big Shark didn’t understand what he was saying… He wondered how he got married and even had a daughter!

Or was he playing dumb?

That’s a huge possibility! Xia Jinyuan couldn’t help but raise his vigilance.

Big Shark smiled mysteriously. “You’re right. There’s a time if you squeeze out some. Demon King Li is a self-taught man. He even squeezed time out to send Ye Jian off. There’s something fishy, there’s definitely something fishy!”

One had to admit that Big Shark was good at attracting hatred. Not only did he attract hatred for himself, he even dug a hole for Li Jinnian.

The small matter of helping his comrade to take her luggage became him squeezing time to woo his girlfriend. It was the simplest thing but it turned into something fishy in his eyes.

No matter how good Xia Jinyuan’s self-restraint was, he was a little expressionless now. There was a deeper meaning in his deep black eyes. He glanced at Big Shark with a faint smile. “Big Shark, you seem to want to be a matchmaker very much.”

It was his fault that he didn’t show his emotions outwardly. The older he got, the more people couldn’t tell what he was thinking. Even Big Shark, who was an ideological worker, couldn’t figure him out.

Big Shark, who was worried about his comrade’s future, didn’t notice Xia Jinyuan’s coldness. He laughed and replied, “No, I just feel that Ye Jian and Demon King Li are compatible.”

Ye Jian was not bad. Demon King Li was not bad. Major Xia was not bad either. He would naturally help Demon King Li.

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