Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 1311 - Camaraderie

Chapter 1311: Camaraderie

The soldiers in the team knew that Ye Jian was going back today so they felt a little reluctant.

They trained together, suffered together, shouted together, ran together, and even wiped their tears together… Suddenly, it was time for them to separate. The originally happy scene turned gloomy as the warship got closer and closer to the port.

Big Whale rubbed his face. His eyes were bloodshot. He smiled and said, “I feel that the speed of the ship is a little fast today. It will reach the port soon. Ye Jian, I will send you to the car later.”

“Let’s send her together.”

“Do you have any luggage to pack at the port camp?”

“Do you want to buy a few bags of sea specialty products? The Southern Province is not close to the sea. Buy a few bags of sea specialty products for your family to try.”

The conversation finally lifted the gloomy atmosphere. The masculine faces of the soldiers were smiling brightly. They looked at Ye Jian with gentle and friendly gazes.

Although they had only known each other for less than two months, their relationship had already been established unconsciously. In addition, when the soldiers met with training that they couldn’t get used to, Ye Jian would think of ways to solve it for them. They got along well with each other. She has not even left now, but some soldiers were already looking forward to their next reunion.

Ye Jian liked living in the military because she had a group of comrades who would go through thick and thin with her.

The port was right in front of them. Ye Jian smiled and replied to them one by one, “Someone will come and fetch me. There’s no need to send me off. There are only two elders in my family and they don’t like seafood so I won’t bring them.”

“I don’t think it will be long till the next time we meet. Maybe I will suddenly come back one day.”

Big Eel laughed and said, “Of course we must send you off. All of us can’t go but we can choose a representative. Let our Captain Li do it. He will send our comrade Ye Jian off.”

Let Demon King Li send her?

Ye Jian pursed her lips and smiled. With his cold expression, it wouldn’t look like he was sending her off. Instead, it looked like he was escorting a criminal.

“Demon King is too serious. Walking alone with him feels like a police officer holding a criminal. Everyone, let me off. I don’t want the person who came to fetch me to misunderstand that I made a mistake in the team and caused Demon King to appear.” After two months of interaction, Ye Jian and the water ghosts could gather together to joke around.

As the captain, Li Jinnian always became the topic of the soldiers. They respected him and liked to talk about him secretly.

All the soldiers thought about that scene and couldn’t help but laugh. It was indeed similar!

The warship stopped at the port. Li Jinnian, the representative that his comrades were discussing, appeared in front of everyone. His cold gaze was fixed on Ye Jian’s face. Before he could speak, Big Eel picked up his diving equipment and prepared to get off the ship. He smiled and said, “Demon King, we choose you as our representative to send Ye Jian off.”

Everyone picked up their diving equipment and stood at attention. Ye Jian, who was wearing her army training uniform, stood at the front. She met Li Jinnian’s cold gaze and replied with a smile, “There’s no need to go through so much trouble. I only have this small bag. It’s…”

“Give it to me,” Li Jinnian interrupted her calmly. He walked over and bent down to pick up Ye Jian’s luggage that contained her undergarments and two sets of sportswear. When he looked up, there was a subtle smile in his eyes. “Don’t worry, I won’t send you on the boat like a criminal.”

He had heard Ye Jian’s teasing just now. Sometimes, this female soldier’s words were funny.

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