Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 1310 - Brother, Do You Still Want to Fight?

Chapter 1310: Brother, Do You Still Want to Fight?

He could fight for the country, bring glory to the country, and win the respect of other countries. Holding a weapon, he could kill enemies and protect the people. How many soldiers were able to be called a blessing to the country?

Xia Jinyuan shook his head and smiled. “Once you wear a military uniform, you don’t only represent yourself. You represent the country. They raised me, educated me, and nurtured me. I’m just doing my part to repay the country’s trust in me. How can I be worthy as a blessing for the country?”

“It should be said that I was fortunate to be born in our country and grew up in our country. It allowed me to avoid the flames of war when I was young and stay away from the smoke of gunpowder. Everything I do now is to repay my country. It is also a responsibility that a soldier should bear.”

As a soldier, he needed to know his mission and duties. He needed to carve his sense of honor into his bones and pass down his unyielding spirit. He needed to carry the responsibilities and duties on his shoulders and raise the steel gun in his hand to fight for his country and his people without any hesitation.

“We need to be worthy of this outfit!” Big Shark patted his chest. His dark and calm face revealed the might of a soldier. “As long as we wear it, we have to bear the responsibility of this outfit. The soldiers of this era should be like Major Xia.”

Xia Jinyuan smiled as he looked at the soldier who was protecting his country. Suddenly, he asked, “Then, do you think that I’m compatible with Ye Jian, or is it just Demon King Li?”

Why did this sound a little off? Big Shark suddenly felt that he had… become a fool.

He looked at Xia Jinyuan from the corner of his eyes. Nothing seems amiss with Xia Jinyuan. Big Shark smiled and said, “You are compatible too. However, the main thing is to see Ye Jian’s thoughts.”

“Didn’t we have three days of rest some time ago? Demon King saw that it was getting closer and closer to the day when Ye Jian would leave so he arranged a simulation training. During the underwater combat, Ye Jian saw that she couldn’t defeat Demon King so she rushed over and hugged him. Major, do you think that Ye Jian has some feelings for Demon King Li?”

He was even testing him. She rushed over and hugged him? The mature little fox would never do such a thing!

The smile on Xia Jinyuan’s face didn’t falter. He said calmly, “There will inevitably be physical contact during combat training. You can’t just think a small action has another underlying meaning during a fight.”

“She grew up in the military unit and trained with the male soldiers. During the training, she would often ride on the male soldiers’ backs and take them down. Based on what you said, how many people does Ye Jian have to fall for?”

“Big Shark, you are thinking too much.”

“How can they be compared to Demon King Li? Demon King Li is good-looking and responsible. He graduated from military school too. If he really becomes a couple with Ye Jian, hahaha. Major Xia, you should be happy for Ye Jian too.”

If Major Xia was interested in Ye Jian, his expression would change when he heard this!

When he smiled, he opened his mouth a little too widely and accidentally tugged at the small wound on the corner of his mouth. Big Shark didn’t think much about it but now, he couldn’t help but think too much. Was the so-called spar just now to teach him a lesson?

While Big Shark muttered in his heart, Ye Jian stood at the bow of the boat and waited for the boat to reach the shore before jumping down. Captain Xia must have reached the port to fetch her.

It had been almost two months since they last met. Ye Jian couldn’t wait to see her boyfriend.

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