Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 103 - Sky is the Limit

Chapter 103: Sky is the Limit

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With a straight face, Ye Ying had been listening to their conversation for a long while. Grabbing He Jiamin who was dashing out, she whispered, “Class is about to start. You want to be scolded by a teacher?”

Damn it. She almost forgot that Ye Jian was a good fighter!

One second ago, He Jiamin was still arrogant. At the mention of the past, she was dejected immediately.

Avoiding eye contact with Ye Jian, He Jiamin went back to her seat, crestfallen.

At the sight of this, the surrounding classmates more or less looked down on He Jiamin.

Not only did she bully her classmate, but she was also as timid as a rat. They wondered why she had the confidence to go against Ye Jian.

At noon, the names of the students who had registered for the competition of the night were heard from the school broadcast.

When Ye Jian’s name was heard from the broadcast again, the students in the entire school gasped in astonishment.

Ye Jian from Class Two Grade Eight even registered for the English exam! English was the weakness of this township middle school. Could she manage?

Or was she really doing this beyond her means just to be impressive?!

Having lunch at the staff cafeteria, Mrs. Huang, an English teacher, issued a long sigh as she heard Ye Jian’s name.

She was uncertain… whether Ye Jian could pass the exam. But at least one student from the two classes of the eighth grade that she taught had signed up for the exam.

When Ye Jian registered for the math, physics, and chemistry exams, she didn’t cause much reaction.

But as the students learned that she had signed up for the English exam, their reaction was… huge!

Wherever the students were gathering, the person they talked about the most was Ye Jian.

As for the boys, the most they talked about was Ye Jian’s appearance. And when it comes to Ye Jian’s appearance… no one said she was ugly!

“I didn’t find her pretty before. However, the more you look at her, the more beautiful she is! She has a tiny and exquisite face. More importantly, do you find that she has a sort of inexplicable disposition?”

“Hey, you find it too? I thought it was only my illusion… Is she wearing our school uniform in the wrong way? I don’t think she should be wearing the school uniform.”

“You should not be concerned about these matters right now, should you?” Gao Yiyang put down his spoon as he heard the irrelevant discussions among the boys of his class. Sneering, he said, “Do you think she can pass the English exam?”

“Ha-ha, Gao Yiyang, English is not the point! Our priority is the beauty!” a boy burst into laughter. Looking at Gao Yiyang, whom every girl in the class would peek at, he issued a long sigh and said in a sad tone, “You already have a gorgeous babe by your side. How can someone like you understand someone like us?”

Gao Yiyang tightened his lips. Could Ye Jian pull off the English exam?

After a long while, he humphed slightly. All right, let her embarrass herself so that she would learn what it meant to ‘do what one was capable of’!

Even the English teacher did not hold any hope for the exam. But Ye Jian was having her lunch, pressure-free. Was the English exam she was about to take at night difficult?

Could it be more difficult than those obscure, tongue-twisting books of medical courses with especially long words?

As for oral English, it was not hard for her, because she was once an elite tour guide for the international tour groups.

At this moment, the students did not hide their discussion of Ye Jian anymore. The moment they saw her, they would say, “That is Ye Jian from Class Two, she…”

Last time, Ye Jian astonished over 30 students with her extraordinary memory. This time, she had become a sensation in the entire school in another way.

She was so sensational that every student was mentioning her name by Thursday afternoon.

The students who had witnessed Ye Jian’s super retention had a vague feeling that the exam might not be a difficulty to her.

When they heard some classmates mention Ye Jian in an extremely sarcastic tone, they would stand up for her. But, eventually, they chose to wait and see if Ye Jian could do it.

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