Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 102 - The Meeting of Winds and Clouds

Chapter 102: The Meeting of Winds and Clouds

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She had memorized what she had said and done… and what others had said and done as well.

Because Principal Cao was still in school, Ye Jian would have to finish her training on her own tonight.

After saying goodbye to Principal Chen, she jogged away from the school, heading to the New Recruit Camp.

Gao Yiyang was pushing his bicycle, waiting for somebody. He saw a slender figure run across the school gate that was lit up with yellow lamps and disappear into the night. That figure was Ye Jian.

Two minutes later, Ye Ying, the person he was waiting for, jogged towards him. Unlike the swift and vigorous Ye Jian, Ye Ying was like a tender flower. If she walked faster, she would need to pause before she continued walking.

She had a heart condition, so she was not equipped for such intense activities as running.

“What kind of person is Ye Jian?” asked Gao Yiyang, bewildered. With Ye Ying sitting on the back of his bike, he had been riding for a distance. In the cold evening wind, the boy’s voice was deep and coarse. “Previously, I didn’t find any strength of hers. But now, it seems like she has been hiding her talents on purpose.”

He raised such a question just out of his pure curiosity.

Instantly, Ye Ying was blue in the face, grabbing the boy’s shirts tighter. Smiling, she said, “Don’t know. She and I were never on friendly terms. Whether she is hiding her talents, I guess you will have to ask her yourself.”

What’s going on? Gao Yiyang had been paying more and more attention to Ye Jian recently…

“Just asking. Forget it,” he replied indifferently and didn’t ask further questions.

The reason he had a deep impression of Ye Jian was that he was kicked and hit by her.

From Monday to Wednesday, Ye Jian appeared in the classroom of Class One Grade Nine, participating in the competitive exam of math, physics, and chemistry. Three days later, she had caused a major sensation in the entire grade.

Some hostile gossips started to circulate in school. The gist of the gossip was that the students who had poor achievements always created more trouble.

“Hear that? The inferior students always cause more trouble. Humph. I need to add that the ugly always make more troubles.”

As soon as Ye Jian entered the classroom, she heard He Jiamin speaking gloatingly. She could tell that He Jiamin said that deliberately so that she could hear it.

“Lower your voice.” Frowning, Tan Wei pulled He Jiamin’s sleeves.

“Why? Every word I said is true!” He Jiamin would not miss the opportunity to humiliate Ye Jian. She stood up, lifting her chin aggressively. “She is embarrassing herself. Can’t blame the onlookers for judging her.”

Hearing this, An Jiaxin was furious. Rolling up her sleeves, she was about to rush over to He Jiamin. “He Jiamin, if you are capable, you can take the exams as well.”

“If she is qualified, she would have taken every exam,” said Zhang Na gently. “Only the losers cause trouble everywhere.”

Standing between Zhang Na and An Jiaxin, Ye Jian patted on their shoulders. With a subtle cold look in her eyes, she glared at her front with a fake smile. “You know why I don’t want to talk to some kinds of people? It’s like, if I glance at her one more time, I would have nightmares for days.”

“It is true that the ugly always make more trouble.”

How could she not retaliate now that He Jiamin was bullying her so blatantly?

As required by the etiquettes, she should, of course, return the ‘favor’!

He Jiamin’s face twisted as she heard Ye Jian say she was ugly. She rushed at Ye Jian as if she was about to bite her. “Ye Jian, you will pay for your pride!”

“You sure you want to fight?” Ye Jian walked out from the crowd. The look in her eyes became more chilling. Smiling, she said, “You really have a bad memory. All right, you will learn to remember your mistakes from this fight.”

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