Reborn Aristocrat: Oppressing

Chapter 320 - Happy Birthday, Mo Yuanxiu (8)

Chapter 320: Happy Birthday, Mo Yuanxiu (8)

Other than Mo Yuanxiu, Ye Heng, Morris, Yin Lanyi, and Qin Ao, there were two other men she had never met before.

Mo Yuanxiu did not introduce her to his friends, and this made Lu Manman feel awkward.

Just as she was cursing Mo Yuanxiu for being insensible, the two strange men suddenly picked up their glasses and walked over. They smiled and said, “Hello, sister-in-law. I’m Leng Zecheng, a classmate from Ah Xiu’s university. I was at your wedding, but you were probably too busy that day, so you don’t remember me.”

Lu Manman looked at Leng Zecheng.

Leng Zecheng?!

Alright, she really did not know him. She had not even heard of his name.

This man looked alright. He was tall enough and had a nice figure.

The man beside Leng Zecheng said, “Hello, sister-in-law. My name is Wang Haiyang. The fortune-teller said that I was born deficient in water, so my parents came up with this name. I’m Ye Heng’s cousin.”

Lu Manman looked at the two strange men before her.

The two men raised their glasses to toast.

Lu Manman picked up her glass and toasted them.

After introducing themselves, the two of them went to the side to have a drink and spar with the others.

The private room was still bustling with activity.

Lu Manman looked at Mo Yuanxiu and saw that he was sitting there very calmly. He did not say much and just drank quietly.

She had never attended a gathering of Mo Yuanxiu’s friends, so she was actually a little lost.

After some thought, she realized that everyone would do something natural in their awkward surroundings, such as going to the washroom.

She had just entered the washroom and was about to close the door.

Yin Lanyi suddenly appeared before her.

Lu Manman looked at her.

Yin Lanyi pushed open the door and entered with a lot of force.

Lu Manman did not expect Yin Lanyi to be like this, so before she could exert her strength, the door was pushed open by her.

There was a corner between the washroom and the living room, so no one outside could see what was going on.

Lu Manman furrowed her brows. “What are you doing?”

“Lu Manman, I just can’t stand seeing you so smug,” Yin Lanyi said.

How was she smug?!

Did this girl not see how helpless she had been in the private room?!

Yin Lanyi said, “I heard you tore apart Mo Li’s true colors?!”

Lu Manman furrowed her brows and glared at Yin Lanyi. “I still have to write your kind reminder from back then. Of course, there’s no need to thank you now.”

“Thank me?” Yin Lanyi smiled sarcastically. “I just feel that I’ve underestimated your capabilities. Do you really think that I reminded you back then because I was so nice? I just felt that that little b*tch, Mo Li, should be taught a lesson. I couldn’t be bothered to do anything. If I did too much, it would only prevent Mo Yuanxiu’s parents from having any good opinions about me. I didn’t expect that little b*tch, Mo Li, who is so vicious, has such superb acting skills, and meticulous thoughts, to be torn apart by you just like that. You even received praise from Mo Yuanxiu’s parents. Lu Manman, you’re really capable!”

Lu Manman pursed her lips.

So Yin Lanyi had told her about Mo Li’s character only so that she could stir trouble in the Mo family’s home. On one hand, she wanted to vent her anger on Mo Li for bullying herself in the past. On the other hand, she wanted to make the two elders of the Mo family have a bad impression of Lu Manman?!

It had to be said that Yin Lanyi had done a good job at this. If she was careless and Lu Manman went overboard, it would cause the two elders of the Mo family to have a bad impression of her. After all, Mo Li was their youngest daughter whom they had protected since she was young. No one wanted her to be bullied by outsiders. With such an outcome, Yin Lanyi could reap the benefits!

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