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Reborn Aristocrat: Oppressing

Reborn Aristocrat: Oppressing


Shutin En

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Reborn Aristocrat: Oppressing

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In her seven years of marriage, she and her husband click perfectly well, sharing a loving and sweet relationship.

However, in the end, all of this was just a mirage.

She had given up everything for the sake of her marriage, only to be killed by her husband’s meticulous planning.

That day, Lu Manman died in a car accident while less than two months pregnant. All her assets fall in her husband’s hands. Luckily, God helps her.
After the car accident, she is reborn by accident. When she opens her eyes
again, she is back to when she was still unmarried.

Lu Manman’s sharp eyes narrow and her bloodthirsty smile is like a poppy flower, magnificent and peerless. Facing the person who knocked her down in
her previous life, she makes a shocking request for compensation: Marry me.
The man smiled: I’m the man with the worst reputation in the city.

However, she doesn’t care. In this life, she wants to break off the engagement with the scumbag and expose all his schemes to protect her family.
After she gets married, she realizes that this man with the worst reputation
doesn’t seem to be what the rumors say?