Rebirth of the Tyrant’s Pet: Regent Prince is too Fierce

Chapter 9

Chapter 9 – His Sensibility and Forbearance

Gong Jue stared wide eyed at the flimsy paper bag, yet he bit his lip in denial, saying “I…..I’ve already eaten sister!”

Does he think he can fool me by claiming that the soiled food was merely his leftovers? She’s not stupid enough to fall for that.

Gong Yi Mo gave him another smack on the head, and he once again stared back at her innocently: “Sister Gong!”

Yi Mo felt amused and said, “Little kid be honest, did they beat you? Does it hurt?”

Little Gong Jue originally wanted to say there’s no pain, but when he saw the girl squinting at him with a stern expression, he swallowed in nervousness and replied, “…..pain.”

How could it not hurt? He was beaten so many times, to the point that he tried to convince himself that he’s used to it.

Gong Yi Mo couldn’t bear it when he tries to act strong; he was so small yet he is already being sensible and forbearing. This kind of child is hard not to sympathize with.

After thinking about it, Yi Mo took the oiled paper bag and peeled off the covering. The scent of the chicken stock permeated in the air, causing Little Jue’s mouth to water.

He was so emaciated that Yi Mo couldn’t see one bit of cuteness; his appearance was a far cry from his future elegant self. His eyes however, still carried that same terrible expression, and it was a little scary.

What could he have gone through the past two months to become so skinny! She was worried that he had neglected his meals so much.

The more Gong Jue denied his hunger, the more unbearable Yi Mo felt. She smirked, patted him on the shoulder and said through gritted teeth; “Let’s eat together! If you say one more word, I will leave!” This threat caused all the boy’s complaints to be stuck in his throat.

Gong Yi Mo nodded in satisfaction for his behavior.

Fortunately there was still a lot of chicken left. Yi Mo tore off a piece and directly stuffed it into Little Jue’s mouth. “Eat!”


Gong Jue couldn’t take his eyes off her. It would be rude to spit the meat out, so this time he began to chew. Yi Mo quickly stuffed another piece in his mouth before he could refuse.

“Don’t be distracted with other things, just eat!”

Little Jue nodded absentmindedly. When he noticed there was half a chicken leg left, he shyly offered, “You….also eat.” Yi Mo grinned and replied, “Alright! I’ll have some too!”

She picked up a piece and took a bite; this meat has too much salt. As the boy watched her pick on her meal, he suddenly thought she looked cute. However upon noticing his own daze, he looked away in embarrassment.

Gong Yi noticed him peak at her sheepishly and she suddenly felt satisfied. On the other hand, her heart felt pity for him. She shook off her thoughts and quickly ate the rest of her meal. “One day I’ll take you to a restaurant!” she said.


The wind blew during the night.

Two small figures, Yi Mo and Little Jue, sat on the roof of a certain house while watching the scene below. A servant walks towards a brightly lit room carrying two containers of food.

It is known that the concubine Zhou Yi lives here. She is a bit older and is no longer favored. Despite this, the harem has been treated fairly well so she enjoys many luxuries. Rumor was that she received daily meals that weighed more than six kilos. How can a woman stay fit by consuming that much?

The lunch boxes were placed before the hostess on a luxurious Eight Immortals table; the table itself was crafted with copper and silver. Zhou Yi was holding a mirror to her face, when suddenly her attention was caught by a delicious aroma. She turned towards the lunch boxes but then accidentally dropped her bronze mirror!

Various servants rushed into the room as they watched Zhou Yi burst with anger. This master was ill-tempered which was why they were extra careful to not offend her.

“You are all trash! That bronze mirror costs a fortune and I even bought it personally! Are you being careless simply because I’m not favored?”

The concubine smashed the lunch boxes to the ground, her red lips trembling with fury. Suddenly, she squatted down and held her head in frustration. In the end she fled to her room and began to sob miserably.

After living in the harem for the past five years, she has become an old lady that no one cares about. Not to mention the emperor’s current choice and beloved concubine, Liu Xian Fei. Even the newly crowned prince this year had a higher status than her. In this harem of three thousand, obtaining the emperor’s favor was not enough.

On the rooftop, Gong Yi observed the woman from a distance. She always thought this concubine was very beautiful so it surprised her to find out that she was neglected. Thus Yi Mo wondered what kind of goddess could possibly catch the attention of the emperor.

She whispered to Little Jue, “Just as you saw, there are many women who are abandoned by the emperor; your mother and mine were one of them. When you grow up you can’t be like this!” She remembered the harem of the Great Regent Gong in her last life. Although the Gong Jue in her last life was indifferent to all women besides Su Miaolan, all the women in his harem were celestial beauties with great talents. None of them could be underestimated!

Gong Yi looked at the little boy in front of her; he sat very still and did not dare to move due to pain. He appeared very well-behaved and pitiful. Little Jue had been listening next to her this whole time in solemn silence

When he heard Yi Mo’s advice, the six-year old Little Jue shyly blushed and whispered, “I will not do this later!”

In the past his mother was favored for only a month or two. When the time comes, he plans not to have so many women like his father.

Thinking of his father, Little Jue’s eyes dimmed for a moment. Not only were the emperor’s women so numerous, he also had more than twenty princes. It seems like Gong Jue has long been forgotten in the crowd.

Even the closest people around him have left as if he were a scourge. The boy secretly glanced at the “deep and unpredictable” sister Gong, his heart feeling slightly lost. He desperately hopes that sister Gong can stay by his side. It’s hard being alone.

Gong Yi Mo was still not satisfied with Little Jue’s answer, and said righteously, “A good man should only marry one woman in this life. Forget having any concubines, there should only be a pair for a lifetime!

Little Jue blinked his eyes feeling very much puzzled. “Even the lowliest farmer can have concubines……why should a man only marry one wife?”

Gong Yi Mo rolled her eyes, “you look at her.”

Little Jue obediently followed her gaze and stared at mistress Zhou. She wailed miserably, and her cries were painful to be heard, yet no one would console her. In such a quiet court, it was quite sorrowful.

“You think about your mother!”

Little Jue couldn’t help but remember when his mother would take a lantern and head out in the night. Every evening, she would wait outside the house and look towards the Main Palace with expectation. However in the end, she would be downcast as a eunuch arrives bearing disappointing news.

As the boy thought seriously, a trace of sorrow appeared in his ink-like eyes. Upon seeing this Gong Yi sighed and slowly patted his head. “If you also have concubines, how many people like your mom will appear in the future? What about your unhappy wife or your concubine? They won’t find joy. And you can’t be happy with them either.”

Seeing the boy’s thoughtful expression, Gong Yi smiled and gave him another dose of medicine: “Now think about it, if father only married your mother, how happy would she be! And you……you will never have fallen into such a tragic fate.”

She whispered the last few words solemnly, causing Little Jue’s eyes to flash with coldness! He tightened his fists, and the young boy firmly declared, “Okay, I’ll just pick one person to marry in the future. That way no one will ever end up like mother!”

Gong Yi grinned. “Now you’re learning.”

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