Rebirth of the Tyrant’s Pet: Regent Prince is too Fierce

Chapter 10

Chapter 10 – Punishing Those Who Harmed Him

When Yi Mo laughed, she was very beautiful. At this time, the moonlight poured down and illuminated Gong Yi’s white face and bright eyes. Her silky hair flowed with the night wind bringing forth a burst of fragrance. Little Jue sat on the roof, simply lost for words.

He will only have one lover in the future, but he feels a bit fortunate that the emperor married other women. Because his father had a harem, Gong Jue was blessed to have such a beautiful sister Gong by his side.

At this time, concubine Zhou called forth with a sharp voice and frightened servant stepped forward. Because the maid was too frightened, she accidentally tripped and fell to the ground. The mistress’s expression distorted with anger!

“You can’t even look me in the eyes, can you?”

“Mistress please have mercy, have mercy on this humble servant! This servant had made a mistake!”

A little girl dressed in a palace uniform once again bowed her head fiercely to the ground and soon blood dripped from her forehead.

When the others saw the girl make a blunder, the palace servants couldn’t bear to help her; no one dared to speak up for her. In the harem, pity was an unnecessary thing.

The reprimanding voice of the mistress continued. In this lonely and deserted harem, murder seems to have become a pleasure. Zhou Yi stared at the pathetic girl who was crouched at her feet. Upon seeing her beauty, the mistress’s eyes flashed with inexplicable coldness and she suddenly sneered.

“What are you still doing? This girl takes care of her looks, yet what’s the use of her pair hands? Drag her out…..and remove these two hands!

The little servant’s face turned pale and she couldn’t help but tremble! “Mistress please spare me! Mistress please spare this life!”

“Life?” Seeing the maiden’s expression while being dragged away, Zhou Yi began to feel pleased. “This harem is a place where the weak get devoured; you can only blame your unlucky life. No one can save you.”

Gong Yi Mo’s eyes flashed upon seeing this scene. She had been thinking of finding a person to take care of Gong Jue, and this timid maidservant seemed suitable! With this thought, she attempted to walk closer when Little Jue suddenly stops her in surprise.

“Sister Gong, what are you doing?” He looked at her strangely.

Gong Yi pulled his hand away and hurriedly said, “Of course I’m going to save her!”

Little Gong Jue looked stunned for a while; believing that sister Gong was being too softhearted, he hesitated before speaking his mind.

“Sister, the master of this palace has the right to kill as punishment. This is the right of a superior….” You can’t interfere.

This principle was taught by the emperor himself; Jue remembered clearly that everyone was respectful and afraid of his father because of this. No one dared to look up because the emperor was the master of all!

Gong Yi Mo had been eager rush and save the girl, but when she heard his words, she stopped her action. She looked at Gong Jue in a very complicated manner. To be honest, she wasn’t a saint; however, although such harsh rules were common in the harem, she couldn’t just stand by and abide by them.

Under the moonlight, Gong Yi’s face tensed in thought; this seriousness left Little Jue feeling secretly guilty so he dared not speak again.

Moments later, Gong Yi pointed in the direction where the young maidservant was being towed away. Her voice was calm and slow: “Let’s assume you and I are the masters…”

The wind lifted her robes and Little Jue’s eyes couldn’t see her appearance properly. However, he heard her voice clearly, word for word.

“I’ll tell you this — the greatest power that a leader holds is not punishment, but forgiveness.”

“A person who has ability to forgive others without fear of any consequence. This is a true leader!”

Then she turned and left, completely disregarding the stormy waves that she caused in Little Jue’s heart.

When he was younger, he received the most orthodox education of a prince. As such, he observed that masters exercised authority by punishing people; those who received penalties were innumerable.

After seeing too much, he believed that’s how things should be handled: without any mercy. For example, if he was the servant of Zhou Yi and she easily forgave him for his mistakes, the servant may be grateful but he would become lax in his duties. Because if the master easily dismisses the servant’s errors, the master’s authority could be taken for granted.

At this time, his thoughts were interrupted by a shout in the distance. The little boy stared at Yi Mo with curious eyes, and whispered to himself,

“Not punishment….but forgiveness?

To forgive those people?

After the maidservant was saved, the girl gratefully bowed to Gong Yi and wept on the floor. She escaped this time due to the princess. However if this was discovered, her punishment would be much more severe.

Gong Yi Mo was irritated by her crying; she grabbed the girl’s shoulders and looked her in the eye. “Don’t cry, let me ask you. Would you like to live?”

The maidservant stared at Gong Yi who was only as tall as her waist. She bowed down and cried more fiercely, “I want to live!! Goddess please help me!”

Yi Mo who was getting a headache from her wails, once again reached out and told her to shut up. She said seriously, “If you want to live, then stop crying! This is the yard of a mistress in the harem. You go in and ask her permission. Tell her that you were invited to the cold palace to take care of the princess who was afflicted with a deadly flu. Also, tell her that if the princess is dead, you are willing to go and collect her corpse. She will definitely agree!

When Gong Yi became ill, all of the outsiders ridiculed and neglected her; even the servants would find excuses not to deliver meals to her. If the Main palace discovered that the princess was starved to death, they cannot escape punishment. Zhou Yi had been worrying if the Gong Yi had already died. If someone was willing to be a scapegoat, she would not hesitate to send that person to the sick girl.

The little maidservant sighed in tears, “Is it really possible?” As long as she goes to the cold palace, Zhou Yi will let her go?

Gong Yi Mo nodded affirmatively, “She will, now go!”

Now that the dead horse has found a horse doctor** the little maiden no longer hesitated. She stumbled and ran back towards Zhou Yi’s residence. Gong Yi Mo sighed as she looked at the tiny back of the maid. The mistress would not dare to offend her superiors which is why Yi Mo was sure that this maid will become a scapegoat. Despite that fact, the girl appeared a bit too happy to volunteer for such a role, which made Yi Mo feel embarrassed.

(**translator’s note: Chinese idiom meaning that a hopeless person has suddenly found a way to survive)

Gong Jue anxiously waited on the rooftop for his sister. When Yi Mo had chased after the maidservant, he also attempted to follow after her. However to his surprise he couldn’t keep up with her. She was quite skilled! Sister Gong was able to break past the heavy guards of Zhou Yi’s inner court, while Little Jue was forced to wait on the outer walls. After Yi Mo spoke with the maid she didn’t return immediately; instead she snuck into Zhou Yi’s yard and stole some food before heading back.

Gong Yi finally came back and Little Jue sighed with relief. Although his sister was very powerful, he was still worried that she’d be in trouble and will never return….After experiencing so many betrayals, he only had one loved one.…..

Suddenly, he caught a scent in the air and looked down to see a whole chicken! Gong Jue couldn’t control his eyes…he really has been hungry for a long time!

Gong Yi smiled and sat down beside him. She tore off a leg and offered it to him. “Eat it!”

Little Jue opened his eyes wide. He quickly took it! After all he was starving, yet somehow he still maintained his manners. As Jue ate with a small mouthful, his beautiful eyes closed in satisfaction.

He was so well-mannered, obedient, and sensible that it was difficult for Yi Mo to relate him with the murderous psychopath of his older version. Currently the boy seemed so skinny and frail that Yi Mo doesn’t know what to make of him.

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