Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial Being

Chapter 505 - Private Meeting

Chapter 505 – Private Meeting

Yan Tianhen was also very surprised. He walked over and studied Lin Yufan, who was dressed in women’s clothing. “Yufan Ge…Ahem, Jiejie, why are you here? When did you come to the Nine Lands?”

That woman was Lin Yufan dressed in women’s clothing. He came here naturally because he learned the news about his master and rushed to meet his master to discuss some important matters. But he didn’t expect that he could still see Yan Tianhen in the Southwest Land’s Wishing Lane.

Lin Yufan carelessly sized up Bei Shitian and Qi Feiqing. “I’ve only just arrived for a short time, and my journey is a long story.”

Yan Tianhen blinked. “Yufan Jiejie, are you here… to enjoy yourself?”

Hearing this, Lin Yufan immediately laughed. His voice was different from that of a woman. It was a little hoarse, which sounded like there was a hook.

Qi Feiqing’s bones almost turned to crisp.

“I’m here to accompany people so they can enjoy themselves.” When Lin Yufan mentioned this matter, he was calm, “Forced by life, one has no freedom to act based on the heart.”

Yan Tianhen was so surprised his chin almost fell off. He frowned. “Why didn’t you come find me if you came to the Nine Lands? That’s treating us like strangers.”

Lin Yufan said nonchalantly, “The Royal Heavenly Capital is not easy to find, and the road is very difficult. I am afraid that I will be killed before I even get there.”

Yan Tianhen couldn’t watch Lin Yufan fall into hardships. He immediately said, “I will buy your freedom and never let you be bullied again.”

“I signed a death contract.”

Yan Tianhen, “…”

Qi Feiqing finally found his own voice. He snapped his fan close and stared at Madam Mei. “This Sister, it is possible for a death contract to become a living contract. Why don’t you name a price? Everything is easy for us to discuss, right?”

Right…..Yeah right.

Although Sister Mei had a smile on her face, she was almost crying in her heart. If this boy had a crush on any other person in Wishing Lane, she could make the decision to let that person get their freedom at a good price, but this fellow just had to take a fancy to the owner of Wishing Lane. She would have to be utterly foolish to dare to open her mouth and accept.

When Qi Feiqing saw that she didn’t make a sound, he said, “One hundred high-grade spirit stones?”

Sister Mei wanted to take a breath.

However, Lin Yufan’s pressure was right beside her, and Sister Mei did not move.

Qi Feiqing frowned. “Two hundred pieces?”

Sister Mei’s eyes blinked. She was very tempted.

Lin Yufan nodded. “This Young Master, don’t worry about me. If you really want to help me, you might as well order my brand for the time being. Otherwise, I will have to accompany a fat pig who always likes to abuse women tonight.”

Qi Feiqing listened to Lin Yufan’s speech to him, and suddenly his whole person was in high spirits. His three souls and seven spirits seemed to have summoned great momentum, and he boldly waved his hands. “Today, honorable me has reserved her. However much money you want, ask this Big Brother for it.”

Bei Shitian, “…”

Showing off using other people’s stuff ah.

Lin Yufan smiled. He was tall. When he walked over and stood beside Qi Feiqing, he seemed to be half a head taller than him.

Lin Yufan hooked his arm around Qi Feiqing’s shoulder and lowered his voice. “Little Gentleman, let’s go inside the room and have a good talk.”

Yan Tianhen could only watch Lin Yufan lead the dizzy Qi Feiqing away.

Sister Mei blinked at Yan Tianhen and smiled. “That Little Daoist Lord is really quick. Yufan is our Wishing Lane’s number one courtesan and won’t come out to see guests easily.”

Yan Tianhen frowned, threw her a pack of high-grade spirit stones, and spoke as he looked at Sister Mei’s shocked expression, “The big sister just now is my old friend. Since he remained here, he must have his reasons, so I’ll have to bother Jiejie to take more care of him in the future.”

Sister Mei’s heart pounded. Someone who could take out so many high-grade spirit stones casually was definitely not an ordinary family’s child. Moreover, this young man had a clear gaze and an exceptionally brilliant appearance. All his clothes and accessories were magic treasures of the highest quality, so she knew that she couldn’t offend this young master. Furthermore, since he was an old friend of the Lane Master, she naturally couldn’t neglect his words. So Madam Mei smiled. “What is Daoist Lord saying? I have a good relationship with Yufan. Since you call her sister, I naturally can’t accept so many spirit stones from you. These things are too expensive. Daoist Lord should keep them. White Tiger City is unstable, so don’t let people with ill intentions see them.”

When Yan Tianhen handed Madam Mei the spirit stones, many people had already glanced over here. Yan Tianhen said, “I’m afraid that Jiejie doesn’t know my habits. I never take back what I give out.”

Madam Mei knew that some Daoist Lords were very stubborn, so she could only nod and accept it for the time being.

Bei Shitian said lightly, “Call a few companions for this little master. They must be good-looking and sensible.”

Madam Mei said with a smile, “Naturally. We are short of everything except sensible, clever, and good-looking ones. However, I’m afraid that since this Daoist Lord sees his own face every day, nobody else will catch his eye.”

It was a generally accepted fact that Yan Tianhen looked nice, but when he heard himself being praised by people, his heart naturally felt good. He also didn’t delay and followed Madam Mei into the top-class waiting room. Madam Mei clapped, and a group of girls as beautiful as flowers and as pure as jade, each with their own merits, floated into the room like a cool spring breeze.

Madam Mei said, “These are the best girls in our Wishing Lane. Daoist Master can see if he is satisfied with them.”

Yan Tianhen swept them a glance and raised his eyebrows. “Indeed, they’re extraordinary.”

All the girls laughed sweetly, and they couldn’t help looking towards Yan Tianhen and Bei Shitian one after another. These two men could be described as each having their own charms. Yan Tianhen looked distinguished and gorgeous as soon as he smiled, so it was very easy for the girls to take a liking to him. Although Bei Shitian had a cold expression, his appearance was first-class, and he also seemed composed and mature, which made him easy to like.

For such guests, the girls didn’t know whether they were going to the brothel to hire prostitutes or to prostitute themselves. Madam Mei winked at a girl in a pink dress with a lotus pattern embossing, and the girl perceptively and leisurely walked over, sitting down beside Yan Tianhen. She gave him a playful wink. “This Little Lord looks so kind, Lian’er’s heart is thumping.”

Yan Tianhen raised a brow, and his eyes were full of romantic feelings. “I think Lian’er also looks very kind, but it’s just that Lian’er will have to check her thumping heart herself.”

Lian’er couldn’t help laughing while covering her mouth. “Daoist Lord, you’re so mean ah.”

Madam Mei knew that this boy was probably a frequent visitor of brothels when she saw Yan Tianhen flirt with such ease.

Madam Mei asked, “What kind does this Daoist Master like?”

Bei Shitian’s cold eyes swept through these girls, and finally his eyes fell on Madam Mei’s face. “How can they compare to you?”

Madam Mei was stunned, then smiled. “It turns out that Daoist Lord likes my type. There are some female disciples whom I personally taught. Why don’t I let them come out and meet Daoist Lord?”

Bei Shitian said, “When a teacher successfully teaches a student, the teacher will go out of business and starve to death. How can your level be comparable to those of the others?”

Madam Mei was truly shocked this time. “Could it be that Daoist Lord is determined to have me today?”

Bei Shitian picked up the wine glass beside him and twirled it in his hand. “Why, you don’t want to?”

Yan Tianhen couldn’t help feeling shocked. This Shixiong of his had always been a cold-hearted and emotionless person. He had no other hobbies besides cultivation. Today, he didn’t know what happened, but Bei Shitian actually became so keen on Madam Mei.

Don’t tell me that Bei Shitian had been suppressing himself too hard over the years, so in Wan Yitong’s absence, he turned to such a business?

Madam Mei smiled very enchantingly. She looked into Bei Shitian’s eyes with a pair of narrow and charming eyes, twisted her snake waist, and walked over to him. She suddenly sat down on his lap, and her hands even wrapped around his neck. “Since Daoist Lord thinks so highly of humble me, then naturally, humble me will respectfully obey.”

Bei Shitian gave her a cold stare. Madam Mei raised frowned and curbed herself a little. Yan Tianhen was so scared his chin almost fell off. Although he sometimes came to such a place to learn and gain experience, he was not really a true romantic, and this was doubly so for Bei Shitian.

But Bei Shitian’s current behavior seemed as though something was wrong with him and he was possessed by some demon. How could Yan Tianhen not be shocked? “Shixiong, Little Martial Brother will come back soon.” Yan Tianhen beat around the bush to remind him that he couldn’t be too unrestrained.

When Bei Shitian heard this, he said coldly, “Even if he knew, he still wouldn’t care.”

Madam Mei blinked and looked like she understood something in her heart. She said with a smile, “This Daoist Lord doesn’t understand. Everyone says that the wife is not as good as the concubine, and the concubine is not as good as someone who’s stolen. When going out, food that’s stolen always tastes the best. If people don’t show off their intelligence when young, it would be a waste of their youth. Daoist Lord, isn’t this the reason?”

Bei Shitian didn’t agree or deny it. He pushed Madam Mei aside without leaving a trace. “Open a separate room for this Lord alone. This Lord will spend the night here.”

Yan Tianhen suddenly felt pained. He didn’t expect that even though Bei Shitian usually didn’t come to such a place, he would get straight to the point as soon as he arrived…

Yan Tianhen suddenly stood up, startling Lian’er, who was about to lean toward him. Yan Tianhen thickened his skin to say to Bei Shitian, “Shixiong, if you are like this, life will be hard for me ah. If Little Shixiong finds out when he comes back, he will surely scold me to death.”

Bei Shitian glanced at him. “So you might as well leave first, as if you have never been out of the house. If he asks you anything, you can just pretend not to know.”

Yan Tianhen smiled bitterly. “Fourth Senior Brother, you’re making it difficult for me as your junior brother.”

When Madam Mei heard this, she couldn’t help laughing. “Daoist Lord looks like a young man. Don’t tell me that the person in your Shixiong’s house is a vinegar jar or a tigress? Even if they are a tigress, they still can’t control their husband’s outside affairs.”

Bei Shitian didn’t want to talk much, so he took Madam Mei and walked out.

Yan Tianhen put his palm on his forehead. His face was full of bitter regret. I really shouldn’t have agreed to Qi Feiqing’s request to visit the red-light district today.

They went upstairs, turned left, and went to the last room.

It was tastefully decorated, without the garish colors in the reception room below. The light fragrance was very pleasant, and it smelled refreshing.

Before entering the door, Bei Shitian said to Madam Mei, “That junior martial brother of mine has a distinguished and noble status, so have your girls behave better.”

Madam Mei said with a smile, “You’ve already begun to change your face before we even entered the bridal room. Humble me really can’t understand you men.”

“Don’t waste words. Has your Master arrived yet?”

Madam Mei answered, “It’s not yet the appointed time. I ask Daoist Lord to please wait inside for a moment.”

Bei Shitian found a place to sit down.

Madam Mei backed out and closed the door.

This floor was very considerate in protecting the privacy of guests, and even the servants couldn’t come up easily. After waiting for a moment, Bei Shitian saw the incense holder on the table vibrate, and a silver-haired man in black appeared in front of him.

Bei Yitian stood up and studied the man he was waiting for. “Demonic Spectre Venerable?”

Demonic Spectre Venerable nodded slightly, and the cold eyes behind the mask swept across Bei Shitian’s face. “How is your master these days?”

Bei Shitian wanted to frown when he heard Demonic Spectre Venerable greet his master as soon they met, but he still endured and replied, “Master has always been well.”

Demonic Spectre Venerable didn’t say anything more. He was not a talkative person to begin with. “We have already gotten results for the matter you wanted Reincarnation Palace to investigate.”

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