Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial Being

Chapter 504 - Old Friends

Chapter 504 – Old Friends

Yan Tianhen patted him on the shoulder and said, “You are still only at a Profound realm, and we don’t even know what the cultivation level of Demonic Spectre Venerable is. You can’t even beat Yin Nian. Even if Brother Ruwang has anything to do, he still won’t give those matters to you.”

Qi Feiqing’s shoulder suddenly dropped down, and his whole person fell into a kind of depression. Yan Tianhen wanted to comfort him, but suddenly, Qi Feiqing raised his ears and stared at Yan Tianhen. “How do you know that boy’s name?”

Yan Tianhen coughed softly and said, “Today at the White Tiger Palace, I saw him when I arrived and quarreled a few words with him.”

Qi Feiqing was obviously very excited. He stood up and clenched his fist, “He actually dares to appear in the White Tiger Palace? His attitude is too domineering. Does he think we can do nothing about him? Damn it, this kind of evil and devious people should be wiped out of the nest as soon as possible. And the Tiger Clan, they are in collusion with Reincarnation Palace again and again. They’re really not decent!”

Yan Tianhen originally wanted to say that Yin Nian even wanted to form a business with him, but now he thought about it and didn’t want to mention it again, in case Qi Feiqing couldn’t control his emotions and stabbed a hole in the house, wouldn’t it be too sinful? “I also asked a couple of things about your father by the way,” Yan Tianhen said.

Qi Feiqing was stunned for a moment and then calmed down and said, “What’s the news?”

Yan Tianhen touched his nose and said, “He didn’t tell me who your father’s enemy was. But he said, they only charged the price of a low-grade spirit stone for your father’s killing.”

Qi Feiqing took a deep breath and said, “It must be my father’s political enemies who bought the murderer.”

Yan Tianhen said, “But it is very suspicious. The asking price of Reincarnation Palace is notoriously cruel. Just this time with the Nine Ranks Return Soul Pill, look at how much they needed to pay to Reincarnation Palace. If they were really the political enemies of Marquis Qi, I don’t know how much money they would charge. So I always feel strange about this matter.”

Qi Feiqing almost cried and said, “My father’s head is so worthless.”

Yan Tianhen, There seems to be something wrong with this focus.

Yan Tianhen said, “We may as well think about it, under what circumstances will a stingy guy be willing to help others kill for free?”

Qi Feiqing’s family was the Department of Criminal Law. He had been familiar with this since he was a child. Naturally, he was somewhat clear in this regard. Qi Feiqing blurted out, “There are many possibilities, but the most likely are two kinds. First, they know each other and are good friends, so this is simply doing that friend a favor. Second, the person killed is guilty of great crimes and full of evil, so much so that even the greedy and stingy guy, who can only see money, wants to eliminate harm for the people.”

Yan Tianhen nodded and said, “That’s very reasonable.”

Qi Feiqing sniffed and said, “The second one is definitely impossible anyway. My father was so upright that he won’t do anything bad. It seems that they did a favor for a friend.”

Yan Tianhen said, “You are right.”

Although he heard Yin Nian’s tone, former Marquis Qi most likely had done something bad, but in the face of Qi Feiqing, he still could not say such words.

Although Yan Tianhen was emotionally biased towards Old Marquis Qi and didn’t think he had done any evil deeds to anger the Dao of Heaven and cause thunder to strike down, he still had enough reason.

We just have to wait for more information.

“No way!” Qi Feiqing suddenly raised his voice and said, “I can’t trade with Reincarnation Palace no matter what. In any case, they are my father’s enemies, and I’ll have nothing to do with them, even if I want to regain my father’s head, I will follow them to their den, but they had to kneel with both hands to offer it, especially the Demonic Spectre Venerable, he is the most hated!”

Listening to Qi Feiqing’s heroic words, Yan Tianhen thought that Demonic Spectre Venerable was not a person who would kneel down. It was impossible in his lifetime.

Yan Tianhen just wanted to cheer him up, but Qi Feiqing sighed and said, “Forget it. In fact, it’s no use thinking about these things. Anyway, my father is dead and can’t be saved. The dead are long gone, and the living still has to live.”

Yan Tianhen was very pleased, he was afraid that Qi Feiqing would be immersed in his father’s death, and it would be difficult to get out, even his mood was bad.

However, what he didn’t expect was that Qi Feiqing’s words turned and his eyes also turned, and said, “Little Prince Yan, I went to the East Street of White Tiger City to observe, there’s a whole red-light district over there. You see, we’ve all come here. If we don’t appreciate the local customs, doesn’t it seem that we’ve come here in vain?”

Yan Tianhen, How do you do it? One second, you were talking about your father’s head, and the next, you turned to the red-light district, you ungrateful son!

Seriously, Yan Tianhen could never understand Qi Feiqing’s brain circuit. No wonder Qi Ruwang often beat Qi Feiqing and grounded him in a dark room.

Yan Tianhens aid with a look of disdain, “I see right through you.”

Qi Feiqing asked, “Will you go?”

Yan Tianhen said, “Let’s go.”

Qi Feiqing grinned.

Bei Shitian, who was meditating, suddenly opened his eyes, stared at the two of them, and said, “Going to the red-light district?”

Yan Tianhen felt a kind of pain that he was caught by his Elder Martial Brother doing bad things. He couldn’t help but touch his nose and said, “No, we’re just going out and have a look at the local conditions and customs here.”

Bei Shitian stood up and said with a straight face, “Let’s go to the red-light district instead. Come, let’s go together.”

Yan Tianhen, “???”

As the first main city in the Southwest Land, White Tiger City was naturally striving to do its best in all aspects, and the main city had a similar feature, that is, it covered a large area. The outrageously big White Tiger City was a mountain city, hidden in the mountains, the built road was not as straight as the Purple Emperor’s Heavenly Capital.

The most famous brothel in the city was called Wishing Lane. He heard that it not only gathered unique beauties from all over the Nine Lands, but there was also a rare sight of someone with a furnace constitution, and he didn’t know how many people were here for the body of the furnace cauldron. Although the opening time was by no means long, it was an instant hit, so many famous talents and nobles had come to Wishing Lane to “observe”.

At the beginning of the light, the whole red-light district was lit up. The broad street was crowded with people, and many men showed their chests. There were also half-animal shaped young men and girls dressed in revealing clothes, scratching, and posing poses. Yan Tianhen couldn’t help but click his tongue. “This Southwest Land territory is indeed the territory of the beasts. This folk custom is also very fierce, completely different from our style.”

Naturally, there were many brothels in the Royal Heavenly Capital, and all of them had their own characteristics and beauties emerging in large numbers. There were also beauty contests every year. Many beauties who had both talent and beauty have found partners of high status and nobility, which could be regarded as a good match.

However, no matter who came to go whoring, or who was whoring, they all took noble and reserved elegant routes. Their slogan was to go whoring with grace and temperament, so don’t even mention being on the street, even in the brothel, it’s not easy to see people with bare breasts.

Yan Tianhen was suddenly subjected to a great visual impact, and the whole person was a bit confused.

Qi Feiqing muttered, “See no evil, see no evil.” while looking around at the boys and girls who were half beasts and half-humans.

After feasting his eyes, Qi Feiqing couldn’t help but sigh and said, “It’s better to be in the Southwest Land. It’s really my heaven. It’s easy to come to this kind of place. It’s not like the Purple Emperor’s Heavenly Capital. It’s chaotic and serious. It’s very annoying to look at it.”

A person next to him glanced at Qi Feiqing.

Bei Shitian narrowed his eyes and said, “When you are out, don’t mention that place.”

Qi Feiqing knew that he was wrong, and covered his mouth and said, “I was wrong.”

Purple Emperor’s Heavenly Capital was the real divine capital of the Nine Lands, and gods naturally wanted to maintain their own sense of mystery. Therefore, as far as the Purple Emperor’s Heavenly Capital was concerned, not everyone could enter. For the vast majority of people in the Nine Lands, they had never touched a brick on the wall of the Purple Emperor’s Heavenly Capital in their entire life. The fairyland Purple Emperor’s Heavenly Capital where the immortals lived was just a legend to them. They couldn’t even be sure if there really was such a place in the world. So when Yan Tianhen and the others went out, some places and some people could not be mentioned easily. There were also many brothels here, but the most high-end one seemed to be Wishing Lane, which had opened all over the Nine Lands.

Qi Feiqing couldn’t be regarded as a frequent visitor to Wishing Lane because he was poor, and Wishing Lane was so expensive that he could go bankrupt overnight.

Today, however, Bei Shitian stopped at the gate of Wishing Lane and said, “Let’s go inside to Wishing Lane, I will treat you.”

Yan Tianhen couldn’t help raising his eyebrows and looking at Bei Shitian.

Qi Feiqing was stunned at first, then happily said, “Thank you, Elder Martial Brother!”

Bei Shitian took the lead in the entrance.

Qi Feiqing was whispering with Yan Tianhen at the back, “This Elder Martial Brother of yours, he looks cold and incomprehensible but I didn’t expect him to play such a big hand. I admire him.”

Feeling puzzled, Yan Tianhen pushed Qi Feiqing aside and said, “What do you know? My Fourth Elder Martial Brother will never come to such a place. There must be something matters he has to take care of.”

“I know. Taking care of personal matters.” Qi Feiqing laughed and narrowed his eyes.

“Go your own way and don’t talk nonsense.”

Three people walked in one after another, so that many people in the brothel squinted towards this side. The Madam in charge was a snake demonic beast. She had a gorgeous appearance and looked very young and beautiful. She wore a gauze that exposed half of her chest. She had a hairpin ring on her head and made a nice sound when she walked.

“Does the three Daoist masters come to Wishing Lane for the first time? I haven’t seen you all before.” Madame Mei laughed enchantingly, but she was not like the pimps in other places, leaning on the guests as soon as she saw them. Although she was not enthusiastic enough, her words were very helpful.

Qi Feiqing was very good at dealing with this kind of occasion. He opened a fan that came from somewhere. He fanned the fan in a romantic way. “Wishing Lane in the White Tiger City of Southwest Lands. I don’t know whether the beauties here are hot enough or not.”

Madam Mei knew that this kid was an old hand when she heard it, she let out a silver bell-like laugh, then raised her hand and held Qi Feiqing’s hand holding the fan. She cast a wink at him and said, “Young Master is a thorough person at first sight. What type do you like? Tell your Big Sis about it and she’ll make sure she can find one that satisfies you.”

Qi Feiqing was just about to say that he likes plump and bountiful ones, but before he opened his mouth, he saw a woman wearing a plain robe and simply holding a fair jade on her head, looking extremely cold. She was like the orchid in the flower house. She looked independent from the world and had a subtle fragrance. She was extraordinary and refined. Qi Feiqing couldn’t help pointing to the woman who lacked any soft or coquettish gestures and saying, “I like her type.”

“Which one?” Madam Mei asked, turning her head. She saw the person pointed at by Qi Feiqing’s fingers, and the smile on her face was suddenly distorted.

Madam Mei swore in her heart—This boy can pick anyone, but he just has to point to the owner of these 42 brothels; he simply doesn’t want to live!

Yan Tianhen also saw the person, and couldn’t help but be stunned, his chin was about to fall.

“Ah Hen?” The woman also saw Yan Tianhen, she couldn’t help pausing for a moment, then sped up her pace and walked down. “Why are you in such a place?”

Qi Feiqing immediately touched Yan Tianhen’s shoulder with his shoulder, frowned and quipped, “Do you know her? You actually know her? When did you meet, you didn’t tell me!”

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