Rebirth of the Strongest Female Emperor

Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Transformation (2)

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In her previous life, not long after Duan Tianrao annulled the engagement, he announced that he was going to marry Ye Xun in front of the greatest families of Lin Town that had gathered for the blessing day,

She was there, and everyone in Lin Town began discussing the annulled engagement. As a result, Ye Qingtang faced great pressure and went over to try to convince Duan Tianrao to change his mind. However, she witnessed the ‘good news’ between Duan Tianrao and Ye Xun with her own eyes. She herself then became the target that everyone sneered at.

Ye Xun was very cunning and alert. In Ye Qintang’s previous life, Ye Xun became the mistress of the Duan family and showed her support to the Great Elder. Using her intelligence, she became the right-hand man of Ye You in the days to come.

Ye Qingtang suspected that the chronic poison in Ye Ling’s food was placed in by Ye Xun secretly.

After all, Ye Xun always hid herself very well. Ye Qingtang did not suspect her at all until the relationship between Ye Xun and Duan Tianrao was known.

Ye Ling treated Ye Xun as another one of his dear children and took good care of her all the time.

On the day her spirit root was stolen, Ye Qingtang was led by the Great Elder and Ye You to a place with no one else around, where the act then happened. All these could be credited to Ye Xun, who failed to keep her appointment with Ye Qingtang.

Now as she thought over the details again, Ye Qintang realized that Ye Xun was just a poisonous snake, a detestable traitor, that the Great Elder had placed near her.

“Tang Tang, I’m sorry that you had to go through all these tough situations one after another. I should not have agreed with the engagement from the Duan family back then.” Ye Ling sighed heavily.

“But at least you don’t need to go to turn that Heaven-Spinning Wheel anymore.”

Ye Ling was also worried that Ye Qingtang might not be able to turn the wheel with her current strength. Now with the engagement annulled, the Ye family would not send Ye Qingtang in order to prevent people from mocking her.

Turn the Heaven-Spinning Wheel?

Ye Qingtang raised her eyebrows.

How was Duan Tianrao so sure that she could not turn the wheel?

She needed to go the worshipping of the Heavenly Dao now as it seemed.

What was the worst that could happen without the spirit root? She needed to let Duan Tianrao and everyone in Lin Town witness whether she was truly incapable or not!

Ye Qingtang put away her thoughts. She smiled and shook her head. “As long as father is here, I won’t grieve.”

She did not even care about Duan Tianrao that much as long as Ye Ling was safe.

“You silly girl, I cannot be with you for your whole life. You’ll have to marry someone eventually.” Ye Ling touched Ye Qingtang’s hair lovingly. His health was deteriorating over the years. If not because of that, the Great Elder would have never been able to control the Ye family.

Ye Ling could not predict when he would pass away. The thing that he worried the most about was Ye Qingtang’s safety.

On the other hand, Ye Qingtang knew about Ye Ling’s concern. In her previous life, she was too depressed over Duan Tianrao to notice the abnormality in Ye Ling at all. Only after the Great Elder had asked assassins to kill Ye Ling and frame the Second Elder who just finished his seclusion, Ye Qingtang then realized that Ye family was not the one that she remembered.

Ye You took away her supreme-grade spirit root and was selected by the sect masters of the Chao Sect and the Yunxiao Sect. She was accepted as the direct disciple under the sect masters. The Great Elder was sending Ye You to the Yunxiao Sect now, so there was still some time before the Great Elder returned. Ye Qingtang must finish her preparations in this period of time.

The real battle would start when the Great Elder returned.

Ye Qingtang estimated that the Great Elder would return in half a month’s time. Around the same time, the Second Elder, who always supported Ye Ling and cared for Ye Qingtang, would finish his seclusion.

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