Rebirth of the Strongest Female Emperor

Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Transformation (1)

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Ye Qingtang paused and continued.

“Father, think about it again. I’ve always been weak. When I had the spirit root, my ability could be considered high. No one would dare to challenge me. However… now I lost my spirit root. If I still request to marry over to the Duan family, it would make their whole family unsatisfied. I don’t have the ability to defend myself anymore. Why do I have to go over just to be mocked by others? Even though Young Master Duan’s words were not pleasant to listen to, he said them for my own good.”

Ye Qingtang sounded very calm. None of her sentences were said out of anger. It seemed that she really did believe whatever Duan Tianrao explained.

Ye Ling was stunned. He did not imagine that Ye Qingtang would say so.

Previously, it was the Duan family who came over to ask for the engagement when Ye Qingtang’s spirit root just emerged. Now, right after Tang Tang’s spirit root was broken, they claimed that her daughter was extremely ugly. It seemed as if it was the Ye family who was forcing an engagement with the Duan family.

Duan Tianrao smiled after hearing what Ye Qingtang just said. He was pleased that she understood the situation. Ye Xun also felt pleased that Ye Qingtang knew what was the right choice to make.

Ye Ling’s face was still clouded.

Duan Tianrao continued to speak as Ye Ling remained silent for quite a while.

“It’s rare that Tang Tang is so sensible. Uncle Ye, a few days later, it’ll be the day for the greatest families of Lin Town to gather and worship the Heavenly Dao. I am the heir of the Duan family, so my fiancé needs to go with me to turn the Heaven-Spinning Wheel. Only a person with a Connate Level Five ability or above can turn that wheel. Do you think Tang Tang’s current ability will be enough for her to turn that wheel?” Duan Tianrao said.

“If she can’t, the prestige of Duan family will be damaged in front of everyone.”

“GET OUT! NOW!” Slamming the table violently, Ye Ling shouted at Duan Tianrao and pointed towards the main door.

Enough was enough. He would not allow this bastard to continue to humiliate his daughter.

He would not allow the Duan family to humiliate his daughter in such a way.

Duan Tianrao frowned but decided to keep quiet after seeing how furious Ye Ling was.

“Uncle Ye, you should figure this matter out by yourself. Whether you agree or not, I am going to annul the engagement in front of everyone in a few days when we worship the Heavenly Dao. I shall leave now.” Duan Tianrao waved his hand insincerely and turned around.

“Take all your things back! Our Ye family does not need such rubbish!” Ye Ling said.

Duan Tianrao’s mouth twitched. He signaled his servants to bring everything out and walked out of the hall.

Ye Xun immediately followed up and said to Ye Ling, “Father, we cannot forget our manners. I shall go and send Young Master Duan off.”

Ye Xun caught up with Duan Tianrao without waiting for Ye Ling’s reply.

Witnessing Ye Xun’s misplaced hospitality, Ye Ling looked towards Ye Qingtang, who kept quiet all along, with indignation.

“Does this Ye Xun understand the situation? Duan Tianrao greatly humiliated you today, yet she still wants to send him off?” Duan Tianrao said.

Ye Qingtang was totally unconcerned by Ye Xun’s actions and instead focused on peeling her orange.

“Father, if she wants to send him off, just let her be.”

There was no way Ye Xun did not understand the situation.

That would be a joke. It was hard to find a person in Lin Town who was smarter than Ye Xun.

Ye Ling was not aware that Ye Xun and Duan Tianrao had been secretly together since long ago. It was most likely Ye Xun who told Duan Tianrao the news of Ye Qingtang’s broken spirit root. If not, how could he have come over so early to annul the engagement?

Even though Ye Xun was an adopted daughter, she was very good at observing situations. She never liked her position as an adopted daughter of the Ye family even though the family had never treated her unfairly at all. It was definitely Ye Xun who told Duan Tianrao about Qintang’s broken spirit root.

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