Rebirth of the Strongest Female Emperor

Chapter 48

Chapter 48: Assassination (2)

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However, just when Ye Ling exited the study room, he suddenly felt a faint, abnormal breath in the late night wind.

Ye Ling’s eyes instantly sharpened, and he instinctively held the sword hung on his waist.

Suddenly, there was a movement in the wind, and a few black figures jumped down from the roof of the Ye residence’s study room.

In the blink of an eye, Ye Ling was surrounded by four men in black.

“I wonder, what business have you come here in the late night for?” Ye Ling tried to appear collected while silently sweeping his gaze over the courtyard, only to find that there was not a single Ye family guard at the door of the courtyard where they were usually supposed to be at. Other than himself, there were only the four uninvited men in the huge courtyard.

“Are you the Ye family family master, Ye Ling?” asked the leader of the group.

“Yes, that’s me,” Ye Ling replied.

The leader’s eyes sharpened. Making eye contact with his partners beside him, the four men took out their swords at the same time and stabbed towards Ye Ling without any word.

Alarmed, Ye Ling immediately took out his sword to fight them.

In the blink of an eye, the sharp light from the four swords struck at him like the stars’ sparkle.

The four men were highly skilled. Even if Ye Ling’s abilities had not declined, it would still be hard to fend off them. Furthermore, Ye Ling’s abilities had reduced greatly over the years, and he was simply not on the same level as the other four. Shortly, he was already dripping with cold sweat.

The leader of the black-clothed men suddenly sent Ye Ling flying with a kick. Ye Ling landed on the floor with a heavy thud as he saw the four men attacking towards him and thought that he was going to die there and then.

But just as the four swords were about to pierce through his chest, a light flashed across the Ye residence.

A sharp clatter followed, and the black-clothed men’s swords were directly deflected by that bolt of cold light.

Then, a figure flew from the top of the courtyard walls and stood in front of Ye Ling.

Ye Ling took a clear look of the person and astonishment filled him.

“Tang Tang! Leave! Don’t care about me.” Ye Ling did not think that his own daughter would suddenly appear there. The four men were far stronger than he, and even if Ye Qingtang was at Connate Level 7, she definitely would not be able to win against them.

Ye Qingtang wore a cold expression as she stood beside Ye Ling. Under the moonlight, her cold and empty gaze swept across the four murderous men before her.

“Little girl, do you wish to die?” The leader of the four men frowned as he looked at Ye Qingtang, who suddenly appeared, with a deepened murderous intention.

Ye Qingtang stood rooted in front of Ye Ling without moving an inch. In her previous life, it was this night that her father was assassinated in the residence by the killers sent by the Great Elder. How could she let the tragedy repeat now that she was reborn?


Ye Qingtang did not strike. She was understood clearly that she was not these four men’s opponent at all given her current ability.

Then, Ye Qingtang suddenly said, “You all wish to take my father’s life merely because you all accepted someone’s money and are acting under their orders. I know who hired you, but I wonder… how much did they pay for you all to actually disregard the Ye family’s reputation and directly enter the Ye residence to assassinate someone.”

“Little girl, what has the price others paid got to do with you? Since you know our intention of coming and now that you are here, it’s just your bad luck.”

However, Ye Qingtang replied, “Qin Luo Pavilion’s price must be pretty high. To be able to hire you, the pavilion master, and your three highly skilled underlings, I guess it must have cost more than ten thousand gold?”

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