Rebirth of the Strongest Female Emperor

Chapter 47

Chapter 47: Assassination (1)

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The Great Elder, who wanted the position of the family master, would definitely not allow Ye Qingtang to live.

At that thought, Ye Xun immediately went to meet the Great Elder.

The Great Elder, who was sitting in the study room, looked at Ye Xun without any emotions.

“I didn’t know that grandfather was coming home in advance and could not welcome you. It’s my bad,” Ye Xun sought forgiveness from the Great Elder gently.

“Rise. I didn’t think of returning early as well, it’s not your fault.” The Great Elder raised his hand slightly to signal for Ye Xun to stand up after curtsying to him.

Ye Xun said obediently, “Grandfather must be tired from the journey. Now that sister You entered Yunxiao Sect, her future must be limitless.”

The Great Elder was pleased by Ye Xun’s words. “In the time that I was gone, was Ye Qingtang well-behaved?”

“She was relatively obedient, and she hadn’t told Ye Ling that her spirit root was actually stolen,” Ye Xun replied truthfully, not daring to blab.

The Great Elder nodded slightly, but his tone turned cold suddenly. “Seems that she knows what’s good for her. If she can’t watch her mouth, then she can’t blame me for being heartless.”

Looking at the Great Elder’s sinister face, Ye Xun suddenly said, “Ye Qingtang was obedient regarding the spirit root incident, but… during the worship ceremony today, Ye Qingtang’s abilities were a little weird.”

“Weird?” the Great Elder asked with raised eyebrows.

Ye Xun instantly told the Great Elder everything about Ye Qingtang’s performance during the worship ceremony.

After listening, the Great Elder’s expression turned grim.

“Connate Level 7.”

Ye Qingtang’s spirit root is already gone, how was it that her ability was that of a Connate Level 7?

However, the Great Elder was not too concerned. Even if Ye Qingtang was Connate Level 7, she still could not match up to him. What he was truly concerned about was the Second Elder’s ending of seclusion a few days later.

In the whole Ye family, only the Second Elder’s abilities were above his. Furthermore, the Second Elder was extremely supportive of Ye Ling.

If the Second Elder ended his seclusion, it would definitely affect the Great Elder’s scheme to usurp authority.

“Noted, you may leave first,” said the Great Elder.

“Alright.” Ye Xun retreated obediently.

Sitting in the study room alone, the Great Elder narrowed his eyes.

There were two more days until the Second Elder’s ending of seclusion, and once he returned, the Ye family would completely land in his hands.

The Great Elder sneered and called upon his henchman at once.

“Go to the east of the city and visit the Qin Luo Pavilion for me…” Then, the Great Elder wrote a letter and placed it into the hands of his henchman. When the henchman understood the meaning of this, he left immediately.

Sitting on the chair, the Great Elder smirked quietly.

On the surface, the Qin Luo Pavilion was merely an ordinary teahouse. But in reality, it was a hidden assassination organization whose leader, Qin Luo, was highly skilled and had many talented underlings. There was no assassination task that Qin Luo was not able to complete.

The Great Elder had ordered someone to go to the Qin Luo Pavilion to complete his subsequent scheme.

The following night when it was in the dead of the night, most of the lights in the Ye residence were put out.

Ye Ling sat in the study room alone with his eyebrows furrowed. As he looked at the high-quality wine that he had just ordered people to prepare, his tightly pressed lips finally eased a little.

The next morning, the Second Elder would come out from his seclusion. As long as he returned to the Ye family, everything would be stabilized in the Ye family.

Ye Ling slowly heaved a sigh as he looked at the wine jug on the table and put off the lights, preparing to return to his bedroom to rest.

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