Rebirth of the Strongest Female Emperor

Chapter 42

Chapter 42: Gossip (1)

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“You want me to remove my veil?” Ye Qingtang said suddenly.

Duan Tianrui replied, “It is not me who wants it, but the protocol of the Worship Ceremony cannot be broken. Rest assured, Lady Ye. We are only concerned about the Worship Ceremony and will not be concerned if you are not good-looking.”

Duan Tianrui’s words may have sounded nice, but everyone could hear that his words were clearly aimed to expose Ye Qingtang’s ugly appearance.

On the side, Duan Tianrao and Ye Xun did not have any intention to stop this.

Ye Qingtang scoffed and looked towards an increasingly insolent Duan Tianrui. “As per your wish.”

Then, Ye Qingtang suddenly raised her hands and removed the veil that she had worn for over ten years.

As the veil was gradually taken off, the central square was filled with loud gasps!

A remarkably beautiful face suddenly appeared before everyone’s eyes. The exquisite features were all god’s most pleased artworks. Her skin was fair as snow, and her rosy lips curled into a charming smile.

The moment she smiled, it was as though everything else had paled into insignificance.

No one expected that such an alluring beauty was hidden under the thin veil.

“What do you think? Third Young Master Duan, are you satisfied now?” Ye Qingtang smiled. Everyone’s spirits seemed to be enchanted by her smile as they forgot everything and could only look at the extremely gorgeous face with infatuation.

Duan Tianrui was completely dumbfounded. Even if you were to beat him to death, he would definitely not expect Ye Qingtang’s appearance to be this stunning.

Compared to Ye Qingtang, Ye Xun, who had previously been praised for her outstanding beauty, was as unbearably ordinary as a village girl. Even the rumored top beauty of Lin town, Ye You, was inferior to Ye Qingtang.

Duan Tianrui was dumbfounded, and both he and Ye Xun wore weird expressions.

Ye Xun immediately turned pale. If she hadn’t witnessed it for herself, she would never believe that the extremely alluring lady before her was actually Ye Qingtang!

How could it be… She clearly remembered… Ye Qingtang had a weird and ugly birthmark on her face…

Stunned, Duan Tianrao looked at the stunningly beautiful lady on stage. Under the sun, Ye Qingtang was like a fairy who landed in the mortal world whose beauty could not be compared to.

“Not good-looking? Who said that Young Lady Ye was ugly just now? If you still call this appearance ugly, is there even any beauty in this world then?”

The citizens stirred. They had never seen such a good-looking lady before.

“With Lady Ye’s appearance, only she is worthy of the title as Lin Town’s top beauty.”

Everyone praised Ye Qingtang’s looks. Now, thinking back to Duan Tianrui’s sarcasm from a while ago, they felt that he was narrow-minded and had gradually pressured her to unveil herself due to his evil intention to embarrass her.

Yet, unexpectedly…

Ye Qingtang was simply an outstanding beauty!

At that instant, everyone started to ponder.

Previously, they thought that Duan Tianrao canceled his engagement with Ye Qingtang because her spirit root broke and was not powerful enough. In addition, she was ugly and he could bear no longer.

But now…

Looking at the stunningly gorgeous Ye Qingtang on stage, plus the fact that spun four full rounds of the Heaven-Spinning Wheel, everyone’s thoughts were no longer that simple.

In ability and appearance, how was Ye Xun better than Ye Qingtang?

Unless he was crazy, why would Duan Tianrao give up on the engagement with Ye Qingtang and turn to marry Ye Xun instead?

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