Rebirth of the Strongest Female Emperor

Chapter 41

Chapter 41: Heaven-Spinning Wheel (3)

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“Is there… something wrong with my eyes? That Ye Qingtang actually spun the Heaven-Spinning Wheel for four whole rounds?!”

“Four rounds… Could it be that Ye Qingtang is already at Connate Level 7? But… but isn’t her spirit root broken already?”

Sounds of disbelief exploded in the crowd like a thunder’s rumble.

They originally thought that Ye Qingtang would not be able to spin the Heaven-Spinning Wheel at all, but she actually turned four whole rounds before their eyes.

This was one full round more than Duan Tianrao, who spun three rounds a while ago.

At this instant, everyone was completely shocked by what they saw.

Ye Ling, who was below the stage, widened his eyes in disbelief. He never expected that his own daughter could actually turn the Heaven-Spinning Wheel, and… it was for four whole rounds!

Ye Xun, who initially wanted to watch Ye Qingtang embarrass herself, purposefully feigned a gentle smile, which froze on her face after seeing that Ye Qingtang spun four whole rounds.

How could it be?

How could Ye Qingtang possibly be at Connate Level 7?

Wasn’t her spirit root broken already?

Slightly alarmed, Ye Xun instinctively looked at Duan Tianrao beside her, and shock was written on his face as predicted.

Duan Tianrao never expected that Ye Qingtang’s strength exceeded his by one whole level.

Duan Tianrui was also dumbfounded by what he saw. Looking at Ye Qingtang who stood naturally beside the Heaven-Spinning Wheel while the crowd was in exclamation, a look of detest shone across his eyes uncontrollably. While everyone was in a state of shock, Duan Tianrui suddenly spoke.

“Young Lady Ye, today is the day of worship, and the three great family clans have gathered to pray for blessings for the citizens of Lin Town. However, you are wearing a veil and are unwilling to show people your face. Isn’t that a disrespect to the worship ceremony?”

The moment Duan Tianrui’s words were said, everyone suddenly returned to their senses and realized only then that Ye Qingtang had been wearing a veil all this while.

Then, everyone’s expression turned weird inevitably.

“Ye Qingtang’s ability is indeed shocking.”

“What’s the point in having strength? Don’t you know that Young Lady Ye is infamous for being an ugly lady? Otherwise, why would Duan Tianrao annul his engagement with her?”

“A girl’s ability is not the most important; her appearance remains the top priority. No matter how powerful she is, it would be hard for her to be the mistress of the family if she had an unsightly appearance. Rather, I feel that Ye Xun’s ability is strong enough, and she is very beautiful in addition. It’s this kind of girl that makes people love them.”

Under Duan Tianrui’s words, everyone’s attention swiftly changed from Ye Qingtang’s abilities to her appearance. It was not weird for everyone to be this curious: Ye Qingtang had always been facing people with a veil on. As the Young Lady of the Ye family, if she wasn’t ugly, why would she need to cover up like this?

The sound of discussion rang through the crowd constantly, and the shock on Duan Tianrao’s face had already faded somewhat. Instinctively looking at Ye Xun, who was as beautiful as a flower, his astonishment slowly faded.

Seeing that his plan succeeded, Duan Tianrui could not help but feel even more pleased. He looked at Ye Qingtang, who had not once opened her mouth, and firmly believed that she did not have the courage to face anyone due to her ugly appearance. With that thought in mind, he was energized instantly.

“Lady Ye, since you are praying for blessings for everyone, shouldn’t you remove this veil to show that the Ye family truly does regard the Worship Ceremony as an important event?”

Ye Qingtang looked coldly at Duan Tianrui, who was inciting trouble and agitating the people, and her lips curled into a sneer.

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