Rebirth of the Strongest Female Emperor

Chapter 18

Chapter 18: I Will Seek Revenge Myself (3)

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Master Si frowned slightly. He did not know how to react to what just happened.

He initially thought Ye Qingtang was here to seek death, yet who knew…

She really was able to write a lifesaving prescription to cure the toxin.

“Bring some tea for Lady Ye!” said Master Si as he took a deep breath.

Seeing the change of orders from their Master, the servants who were initially in the hall immediately left in dejection. A young male servant who understood what was going on quickly served Ye Qingtang a cup of tea.

“Take a seat.” Master Si said while looking at Ye Qingtang. Although his tone was still strict, the words he used were significantly less harsh.

No matter how much he hated the Ye family previously, it was undeniable that Ye Qingtang’s prescription could really save Si Bai’s life.

Ye Qingtang received the cup of tea. Recognizing the change in Master Si’s attitude, she took a seat on a chair beside.

The Ancient Book of Medicine had indeed been lost for a long time. However, three hundred years later in Ye Qintang’s previous life, the book was found. Ye Qingtang had flipped through the entire book, and with her photographic memory, she was able to clearly memorize everything on the book. Although the ice toxin within Si Bai was seen as an incurable disease by current physicians, three hundred years later, it was not a big deal at all.

Si Bai relaxed as well. Looking at how his grandfather’s expression changed, he silently chuckled and returned to his seat.

The atmosphere in the hall was very peculiar. As though he had not adjusted to the drastic change of events, Master Si took a few sips of tea silently as he sized Ye Qingtang up with a deep gaze in search of answers.

“Why do you want to save my third grandson?” he finally asked after a while.

“Like fire and water, the Si family has a deep hatred towards the Ye family and can never get along well. As the Young Lady of the Ye family, why do you want to help us, the Si’s?” he questioned. While he believed in the authenticity of the prescriptions, he could not guess the reason behind Ye Qingtang’s willingness to help the Si family.

Ye Qingtang replied, “The Ye family is no longer the same Ye family as before.”

Master Si frowned slightly.

“Master Si should know that my father’s health has been deteriorating in recent years. The Great Elder of the Ye family, who has been wanting the family clan master position for a long time, saw this as the opportunity to take over my father’s power. Now, my father no longer controls the Ye family, and most of the people in the Ye residence are all on the Great Elder’s side. Given the Great Elder’s ambition, both my father and I have become a thorn in his flesh and would not hesitate to get rid of us,” Ye Qingtang said without hurry. In order for Master Si to let down his guard, she must say the truth, or else she will not be able to reach her objectives given the Si family’s hatred towards the Ye’s.

After hearing the term “Great Elder of the Ye family,” Master Si’s frown deepened. It was this Great Elder who Master Si suspected as the culprit behind the poisoning of Si Bai’s mother.

“Plotting to murder the family clan master and his successor is a major offense in a family clan. Even if the Great Elder of the Ye family wants to harm you, he needs to act carefully as well. If this news spreads, he will not be able to become the family clan master,” said Master Si as he did not easily believe Ye Qingtang’s words.

Ye Qingtang chuckled and responded, “If he really wants to harm us, it would be easy, wouldn’t it?”

She paused for a moment and continued, “Ye You, a girl from the Ye family and the biological granddaughter of the Great Elder, was accepted into the Yunxiao Sect as an exception several days ago after the Yunxiao Sect Sect Master took a fancy to her. I wonder if you have heard of this?”

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