Rebirth of the Strongest Female Emperor

Chapter 17

Chapter 17: I Will Seek Revenge Myself (2)

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Upon hearing the commotion, the servants outside the hall entered the hall and rolled up their sleeves, ready to take Ye Qingtang down.

“Forget it, grandfather.” Si Bai stood up suddenly and walked to Ye Qingtang’s side. He did not believe that Ye Qingtang was able to treat him at such a young age.

“Si Bai, move away!” Master Si’s face darkened quickly.

Si Bai frowned slightly. Looking towards Ye Qingtang, he muttered discreetly, “Lady Ye, I’ll send you back.” Then, he tried to bring Ye Qingtang away.

However, Ye Qingtang stood still without budging. With a faint smile, she turned to him and shook her head.

Si Bai’s eyes were filled with puzzlement. He did not know that the Young Lady of the Ye family was this stubborn.

Given his grandfather’s hatred towards the Ye family, it was likely that he would cut Ye Qingtang up. If she did not leave now, she would probably never be able to leave anymore.

As expected, right as Si Bai thought about that fact, Master Si ordered loudly, “Take Ye Qingtang away!”

Upon hearing the commotion, the servants outside the hall entered the hall and rolled up their sleeves, ready to take Ye Qingtang down.


“Wait! Wait! A misunderstanding! A misunderstanding!”

Returning back to his senses after a state of astonishment, Master Physician Xu made a frenzied dash towards the front of Ye Qingtang and shielded her with his shivering hands the moment he saw Master Si ordering people to take her away. He raised the prescription in his hands and looked at Master Si with flustered eyes.

“Master Physician Xu, what are you doing?” Master Si looked confusedly at the man who suddenly came forward to disrupt the scene.

Master Physician Xu was about to cry from anxiety. “Master Si, do not injure Lady Ye! Do not injure her!”

“Why not! Her prescription obviously wants to harm my third…”

“This prescription is real! It can really save the third young master’s life!!!” He said hurriedly.

“…” Master Si looked at him unbelievingly. “What did you say?!”

Master Physician Xu let out a deep breath. After sorting out his emotions, he said, “Previously, I told Master that removing the toxin in the third young master was almost impossible. In this world, the only prescription that can completely remove inherited ice toxin can only be found in the Ancient Book of Medicine. However, this book has been missing for a long time, and my master had only been able to obtain fragments of a few pages of the book. A while ago, I noticed that the two prescriptions Lady Ye wrote indeed are targeted towards eliminating the poison within the third young master. With long term medication, the poison can be effectively removed. Although I dare not say that he will be able to enjoy longevity, however, living up to thirty years old is definitely not a problem!”

Master Physician Xu was extremely excited. Never would he have believed that he would see a prescription from the Ancient Book of Medicine from a fifteen-year-old girl.

God knows how precious this book was to all the physicians in the world. Many people had spent their entire lifetime looking for it, yet they were not even able to find any fragments of the book. However, he was able to see it today, in the writing of a young girl!

At this point, Master Physician Xu looked at Ye Qingtang with unparalleled fervor.

Master Si was completely taken aback. Master Physician Xu shared a deep relationship with the Si family, and he was extremely skilled. Naturally, Master Si could believe whatever he said.

Then, Master Si’s expression changed slightly.

Si Bai, who was standing aside, froze for a moment. He looked with astonishment at Ye Qingtang, whose expression was calm.

Ye Qingtang flashed him a small smile and stepped forward, facing Master Si.

“Can Master Si trust me now?”

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