Rebirth of the Godly Prodigal

Chapter 1073 - Is This World About to Be Destroyed?

Chapter 1073: Is This World About to Be Destroyed?

“It doesn’t look like a big sum.” Hong Dali swiped on the other stocks. “Let me look at the others…”

Gu Feifei looked at the stock window of Boyuan and her eyes almost popped out. “Stocks with a stock limit! 148,538 lots, one share 6.20, and you bought everything?! 92,093,560 dollars! Are you going on a spree!?”

It was no wonder Gu Feifei was so shocked. Hong Dali just went on a shopping spree. He bought the largest amount possible directly. All the Boyuan shares, which had a stock limit, were bought up by him!

Damn, at least have a limit to your squandering!

Gu Feifei face-palmed. “I only earn hundreds of thousands every month and I don’t even bear to eat elixirs. I only buy the cheapest! And you actually bought over 90 million worth of shares in an instant! 4.6 million are lost in a day! 4.6 million!”

4.6 million was not a small sum to Gu Feifei. She might not even be able to make this much money in a year. This Hong Dali actually just bought more than 90 million worth of shares with stock limit without batting an eyelid!

“Why else would it be called squandering…” Hong Dali dug his nose nonchalantly. Then, he continued looking at the stocks. He soon found one he liked. “Aye? This is good. It seems the price is consistently falling…”

Why was he not satisfied with Boyuan? Because Boyuan had stopped falling. The price would not be calculated today. The lost amount would only be calculated the next day at 9:30 AM when the stock market opened.

Hence, Hong Dali’s goal was the stocks that fell rapidly. That was more to his taste. After he bought them, the more the prices fell, the more he would have squandered. It felt good.

Soon, Gu Feifei realized this prodigal’s scale.

As they chatted, Hong Dali chose another stock which price was falling, Blue Capital Investment. He dived straight in to purchase it. He bought a total of 86,500 lots. Each share was 9.50, and that added up to 82,175,000 Shenglong Dollars…

Gu Feifei was stupefied, her mouth gaped open.

When Hong Dali sighed a breath of satisfaction, Gu Feifei suddenly kicked Hong Dali to the ground and shouted, “You prodigal! Who plays the way you do?! There are so many good stocks but you buy the bad ones on purpose!” Then, she pointed at the computer screen. “Look, look! Forget about Boyuan, this Blue Capital Investment fell by 0.5% in just a while! That’s hundreds of thousands! Hundreds of thousands gone! F**k! Do you understand what stock is?!”

“Ah?” Hong Dali rubbed his butt and smiled as he sat up. Then, he said indifferently, “That’s what I want it to do. Otherwise, how can I squander? Aye, why are you so angry? I’m not spending your money—most importantly, I asked you to help me manage but you refused…”

“You!” Gu Feifei gritted her teeth in anger. “Help?! I will never help a prodigal like you!”

“Okay, okay. Don’t make such a big fuss…” Hong Dali shrugged. “I need to continue looking…”

En, this Blue Capital Investment was not enough. It did not seem like a big company. Even if he bought all their shares, it was not enough…

“Feifei,” Hong Dali continues looking for a bigger-scale one, “which stock has more lots? I intend to buy one with a bigger quantity… It’s too boring. There should be one worth hundreds of millions…”

Earlier, he bought the shares based on its highest point. For example, five ticks, maximum of 9.55, minimum of 9.50. He offered 9.60 and bought them all at one go.

Therefore, although Gu Feifei’s heart ached as she watched on, it was not her money, after all. It was rather enjoyable to watch. She then decided to go all out and said, “Buy Baotai Processing. It’s a big processing plant for inlay gems. In recent years, it has been losing money due to its inefficiency. Their share prices have been falling, only rising occasionally. With your ability, there is little chance of it rising.

There were bankers and individual investors when it came to stocks. A newbie like Hong Dali could only be considered an individual investor no matter how much money he put in…

“En, okay. I’ll listen to you.” Hong Dali soon found the stock code for Baotai Processing Company and was elated once he bought the shares. “Haha, this is good, this is good. This is a large amount, it feels good!”

Baotai Processing, every share was 54 dollars, and there were over 70,000 lots in resting order. It was a big transaction, indeed.

“Spree, spree. Haha!” Hong Dali laughed as he went into a buying spree. Gu Feifei watched on with twitching eyelids—Hong Dali offered 55 dollars to buy 10,000 lots!

Ten thousand lots, every lot 100 shares. This buying spree cost 540 million—even those hidden from the screen were all bought up by him!

“Prodigal, you are a true-blue prodigal!” Gu Feifei was void of feelings. This Hong Dali was simply unreasonable! Unreasonable! The way he was playing, he’d lose all his money!

These few stocks consistently plunged! A few points a day! A few points might not sound like a lot, but from the way Hong Dali was investing, it was an unimaginable fortune!

As Gu Feifei lamented about how comparisons were odious, Hong Dali was very content—Baotai Processing had just dropped by 0.5%. That was over 2.7 million!

What kind of concept was 2.7 million? Twenty-seven attribute points!

Twenty-seven attribute points ah! Add them all to Health, wahahahaha. Fantastic! I feel good all over! The stock market is really not bad. There’s no need to go anywhere, I can get attribute points just by staying in the room! Why didn’t I know about this earlier…

“Forget it, forget it. You’re rich. You’re amazing. I won’t get angry at you!” Gu Feifei pouted. She was a tough girl, indeed. She put on her jacket. “Let’s go. It’s time for class. Oh yes, which class are you from?”

“Physical Training Faculty Class 18.” Hong Dali quickly stood up. “I heard I’m in your class.”

“En, indeed.” Gu Feifei nodded and did not express anything further. She shouted for Hong Dali as she was wearing her shoes. “Oh right, help me take my armor. It’s the pair of armor lying against the wall.”

“Oh…” Hong Dali turned around and soon found it.

It was a pair of bluish-black metal arm-guards. Its material could not be seen. But from the size and thickness of it, it should be quite heavy.

“You usually wear this to class?” Hong Dali walked over and wrapped his arms around the arm-guards… he could not move it. After he exerted more strength… still no. He then clenched his teeth. “Ahhhhhh!” The arm-guards did not move an inch.

Hong Dali: “…” Gu Feifei: “…”

“What’s this, why is it so heavy?!” Hong Dali nagged. “I used all my strength and it didn’t even move. What situation is this?!”

One should know, Shenglong Star had the attribute compression force field. Everyone’s attributes had been compressed. Even the attributes of a Star Sector-level was not too high, only a few hundred points. Hong Dali had a Strength attribute of at least 85 and he could not even move the arm-guards. What the hell?!

“Forget it. I’ll take it myself.” Gu Feifei humphed. She had already worn her shoes. She walked over and took the pair of arm-guards like lifting little chicks and put them on her arm. “I thought your attributes should be not bad since you’re in the Physical Training Faculty. You couldn’t even move this.”

“Are you kidding me?” Hong Dali said, depressed, “I couldn’t even move it by an inch. It doesn’t matter who tried!”

“Who said so?” Gu Feifei pulled the door open. “All attributes above 800 could easily lift this up.”

“Gulp.” Hong Dali gulped.

Damn, all attributes 800! I only have 85, okay?! Are you intent on playing me?

Of course, although he thought that, he did not vocalize it. This person in front of him was like a T-Rex. The T-Rex among the T-Rexes. If one angered her, they would be thrown downstairs—at this point, Hong Dali was thankful for his decision…

“This bunch of idiots is still here?” Gu Feifei saw Bei Yuanqing and his group gathered as she walked out of the room. She pointed and approached them. “Are you scheming something again?”

She was tall and strong and famous for her bad temper. Bei Yuanqing and the others’ expressions were pale with shock. They shook their heads vigorously. “No, nothing. I’m just seeing if Hong Dali has died…”

They thought that Hong Dali would be sure to die of a terrible death when he entered room 1818. They did not expect him to walk out laughing!

Walked out! Not only did he walk out, but he also looked like he was having fun. In fact, he looked better than before!

“Aye, you’re still here?” Hong Dali looked at Bei Yuanqing. “What’s the matter? Do you want to fight some more?”

He only said that casually. But Gu Feifei could not take it. “Dali is my roommate. Don’t come near him in the future.” As she spoke, she grabbed Bei Yuanqing’s head like catching a little chick, or one should say, held him in her hands.

Bei Yuanqing’s head was in Gu Feifei’s hands. He could not say anything and could only hug Gu Feifei’s arm exerting force.

She did not move at all.

Hong Dali watched on and gulped.

Damn, this is too scary! She’s the Big Sister, indeed ahhhhh!

Gu Feifei walked to the window and threw Bei Yuanqing out. Then, she dusted off her hands. “Get lost. Otherwise, I’ll throw all of you out one by one. It doesn’t take much effort, anyway.”

Mother, I’m scared! Hong Dali had tears all over his face. What kind of woman am I sharing a room with!? Will she force herself on me in the middle of the night?! Facing a monster like that, I have no confidence!

Bei Yuanqing’s group had tears on their faces as well. How did this Hong Dali get Gu Feifei’s protection? What situation was this?! Was this world about to be destroyed?

Everyone instantly fled in all directions.

We’ll talk about the world being destroyed later on. It’s more important to protect their lives! The rest doesn’t matter!

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