Rebirth of the Godly Prodigal

Chapter 1072 - Brother Dali Trading Stocks

Chapter 1072: Brother Dali Trading Stocks

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What’s Gu Feifei saying? Increases and graphs? Why does it sound like she’s talking about the stock market?

 Out of curiosity, Hong Dali leaned forward. He saw several small sectors on the projection, each filled with multiple graphs. On the top left corner, figures about highs, lows, and the daily range were displayed.

Isn’t this the stock market?

 “You rely on this to make money?” Hong Dali stared with wide eyes. “Stocks! I always feel like those who trade stocks are experts!”

 “I buy in small amounts just to earn some money for elixirs.” Gu Feifei stared intensely at the holographic projection. “What else can I do to make money? I need to train and attend lessons usually. Nobody will dare to employ me for part-time jobs. Trading stocks is my only option.”

 Stocks… Hong Dali wanted to dabble in that back on Earth. However, he never got a chance to do so as he was too busy. He heard that trading stocks was a great way to squander. Hence, he instantly started inquiring. “Then, Feifei, are stocks fun? Can I squander? Can I lose money?”

“What are you saying? What do you mean squander?” Gu Feifei scorned. “It’s normal both to win and lose when you trade stocks. It’s easy to squander… It’s going up! Going up! Wahahahahaha! Yes!”

Damn. She’s basically a stock addict, right?!

 Hong Dali’s eyes widened. “Up by how much?”

 “1.8%. Do you know that I just earned a few thousand dollars?!” Gu Feifei said excitedly.

 A few… few thousand dollars?! Few thousand dollars?! Are you sure it’s not a few million?!

 Hong Dali gulped and exclaimed, “Feifei, it’s just a few thousand dollars, and you’re so happy?!”

 Hong Dali thought that the figure was way too small. However, Gu Feifei did not think so at all. She did not even move her head and continued to stare at the holographic projection. “Is a few thousand dollars too little for you?! That’s a lot already, okay? My monthly allowance is only a few thousand dollars. I need to save all these profits to buy elixirs for myself. Why else do you think I can be called the Big Sister? It’s tragic if my attribute points don’t grow.”

 He did not pay much attention to that.

 It was not his fault for thinking that way. A few thousand dollars was nothing to Hong Dali. However, it was not a small sum for Gu Feifei. After all, a cup of ice cream on this planet was only two dollars. A normal lunch was only around ten dollars. Although normal members of the Royal Family usually had billions of dollars, it was enough for the lower-tiered members like Gu Feifei to only have a few hundred thousand dollars in their families.

 “I see.” Hong Dali thought about it and asked, “Right, Feifei, how about you teach me how to trade stocks?”

 “You want to earn money by investing in stocks?” Gu Feifei looked at Hong Dali and nodded. “That may be possible. It’s quite a bullish market right now. If you want to play it safe, you can invest in some stocks for long term gains.”

 She was saying that out of a kind will. However, Hong Dali shook his head hard. “No, no, no. Who said I wanted to earn money? I want to lose money. Lose money!”

 “What the heck! Did you get hit in the head?” She was indeed a manly woman. If you disregarded the pitch of her voice, the things she said were absolutely masculine. “I only know people who want to go into stock trading to make money. I’ve never heard of anyone wanting to lose money! Do you have too much money to spend or something?”

 How should he answer that question?

 “Something like that.” Hong Dali sniffled and nodded. “I do have too much money to spend—I want to lose some first. Can you help me see if that’s possible? Any good ideas?”

 “You seriously have such a mental idea…” Gu Feifei opened a new window and set filters on the stocks inside. Soon, she pointed at the whole screen worth of stocks with their names in green. “These are all stocks going downhill. The top ones are at 5%, and the value goes down from there. How much do you plan on losing?”

 “Erm…” Hong Dali felt dizzy and confused as he looked at the projection. He shook his head and said, “I’m not sure. How do you think I can lose money fast? Don’t worry, just think of it as playing blind. Oh right. Do you want to help me manage my funds? If you lose money, it’s on me. If you win, you can keep it?”

 His intention was to reveal to Gu Feifei that he had plenty of money. In other words, he would invest in Gu Feifei since she was struggling very hard. If she insisted on helping him earn money, she would owe him a favor.

 After all, if the stocks do well, the money won’t come to me. If the stocks do poorly, I’ll still gain attribute points. That’s a win-win situation, right? 

Unexpectedly, Gu Feifei was instantly enraged. “Don’t look down on me. No matter how poor I am, do I need your money? So what if you’re rich? I don’t need it. I’ll buy my own. It’s your own decision to earn money or lose money. Don’t use that to build a relationship with me. Do you believe me when I say that I’ll throw you out right now?!”

 Erm… seems like my kind intentions are not rewarded. However, it’s obvious that Gu Feifei has a strong sense of pride. She’s also very independent.

 Girls like that should indeed be respected. Hence, Hong Dali was not angry. He instantly shook his head. “Ah, I’m just saying. You look like you know how to research very well. Can you help me see which stocks are good for losing money and squandering?”

 Since my kind intentions were not accepted, if I gave up now, it would be obvious that I was just trying to support her financially. She would never let that go. However, stocks are a good choice for squandering. I guess I’ll have some fun with it. Nothing else is important right now. Attribute point is king!

 “I’ll satisfy your death wish!” Gu Feifei humphed, still upset. Soon, she found a stock called Boyuan Inc. and said, “This stock is being investigated for fraud right now. A forced delisting process has been initiated. Do you see this figure, 5%? That means it hits its limit down price every day by dropping 5%. Barring any accidents, you’ll definitely lose money if you buy this stock.”

 Limit down price at 5%?! So amazing?!

 Hong Dali stared at the holographic projection with wide eyes. Then, he started counting with his fingers. “If I have 100,000,000 dollars, after one day it’ll become 95,000,000 dollars, then 90,000,000 dollars…”

 “It’s not calculated like that.” Gu Feifei explained, “For example, if you invest 100,000,000 dollars, after one day of dropping 5%, it’ll become 95,000,000 dollars. On the second day, it’ll be 5% of 95,000,000 dollars, so you’ll have 90,250,000 dollars left. So on and so forth.”

 “Oh, I see.” Hong Dali instantly understood. “So you’ll lose money at the fastest rate at the beginning. It’ll slow down later, right? Meh, that’ll work too. OK!”

 Hong Dali first had to check his assets before he started trading. He texted Ling Xiaoyi. “Xiaoyi, what are you doing? Help me check the balance in my account right now?”

 “Yes, Young Master.” Ling Xiaoyi soon replied, “Young Master, the compensation from the High Nobles has been credited to your account. There is a total of 30,051,254,210 Shenglong Dollars in your account right now. Is there anything you’d like me to do?”

 Thirty billion Shenglong Dollars, that’s not bad.

 Hong Dali thought for a while. He sneaked a peek at Gu Feifei, who was concentrated on her stocks. Since she was not paying any attention, he hurriedly said quietly, “Send twenty billion to my parents for them to utilize. Leave the rest for me as pocket money.”

 Prodigal. What was a prodigal?

 Parents are working hard to earn money, I’m working hard to squander. That’s what makes a prodigal.

 If my parents want to make money, they need to have capital, right? Hence, Hong Dali decisively sent twenty billion to his parents. 

They’re earning money, and I’m losing. That’s what a prodigal does! How can I do something as tiring as earning money?

 “Yes, Young Master.” Ling Xiaoyi nodded and got to work.

 Once he got the money, Hong Dali sat down next to Gu Feifei. Although Gu Feifei looked strange, with her waist being as wide as the length of Hong Dali’s legs, she did not have any body odor. Instead, she emitted a light, uniquely feminine fragrance. Hong Dali was not uncomfortable and smiled. “Erm, Feifei, can you help me open an account? I want to play with some stocks too. Is that okay?”

 It was convenient to open an account. Soon, Hong Dali’s trading account was set up. He asked, “Erm, Feifei, how do I buy stocks?”

“Do you see these options on the left? Buy is the price that you pay to buy stocks. Sell is the price of your stocks if you choose to sell them. You can only sell the stocks that you bought today on the next day.” Gu Feifei patiently introduced the options to Hong Dali. “Check for your stock’s code here. Fill in the code here, and you’ll be able to buy it.”

 It was easy to operate the stock trading system on Shenglong Star. It was a little less complicated than the one on Earth. After all, the more developed a civilization, the simpler it was to operate its technology. For instance, the first generation of computers on Earth required entire teams of technicians for them to operate properly. After 2,000 years of development, any idiot could use a mouse…

Hence, Hong Dali soon learned how to operate the system, as buying and selling stocks were quite simple.

 “Hm, it’s quite easy. Let me see…” Hong Dali fiddled with the controls himself. Gu Feifei went back to looking at her own interface. She said, “For stocks, you have to see if anyone wants to sell what you want to buy. One lot is considered 100 shares. For example, there are 500 lots available. That means 50,000 shares is the maximum amount that you can buy. No matter how much you pay, you won’t be able to buy any more shares after that.”

 Hong Dali listened and fiddled at the same time. “Oh…”

 “Have you selected a stock?” Gu Feifei stared tightly at the screen. She asked, “Which one do you plan on buying? Don’t tell me you’re really going to buy Boyuan Inc. This company is about to be delisted…”

 Hong Dali replied, “Eh, you’re actually right. I can’t buy any more shares after a certain amount…”

 “What are you buying? What can’t you buy…” Before Gu Feifei could finish the sentence, her eyes widened. “Hong Dali! You, you, you, you, you, you, you actually bought Boyuan! What the heck! How many shares did you buy?!”

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