Rebirth: Ghost Exorciser

Chapter 45

Chapter 45: Unlucky Zhu Bocheng

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“Shuyan, what have you been staring at and thinking about? Aren’t you going home yet?” In the evening after school, Li Xiaoting reached out and waved her hand in front of Chi Shuyan with a smile on her face. “Right, you should take a look at the forum. It’s enough of a face-slapping, right? The corpse of that person who posted explosive allegations about you before has been dug up and flogged again. What a degradation! Our Shuyan has the face and the looks, and is an invisible top student.”

“Exactly! In the future, when any cat or dog comes over to confess, they should pee and take a look at their own virtue.” Zheng Shujun also raised her brows and taunted Liu Qinfeng.

When Zheng Shujun said this, the entire class looked at Liu Qingfeng in unison, whose face was bluish white and quite unsightly, with his head almost buried in his book. Many students also unconsciously stayed away from him, as if they would be contaminated with germs once they were near him.

Chi Shuyan watched the two sisters, Zheng Shujun and Li Xiaoting, speak for her, and her iron heart felt snuggly warm. When she was under fire before, these two sisters were the only ones who spoke for her. But she was still puzzled and looked at Zheng Shujun. “Confession? What confession?”

Zheng Shujun was stunned. When she regained consciousness, she realized what Chi Shuyan meant. Shuyan had even forgotten that Liu Qinfeng blocked her and confessed his feelings before. She almost burst out laughing for a second, but she stifled her laughter. “Nothing important, I was just kidding.”

“Yeah, it doesn’t matter. Shujun is just warning certain people not to crave for someone they’re not worthy of.” Li Xiaoting hammered the table and laughed.

When Liu Qingfeng heard this, he clenched his fists tightly and his face turned livid, while the students beside him admired his face as if watching a joke.

“Hey, Shuyan, someone revealed on the forum again that the group of people who cursed you out last time had been hired. Zhao Hongbo from senior Class 7 was the one who slandered you on the forum before.” Wang Wanting suddenly laughed. “They’ve finally shot themselves in the foot this time. Zhao Hongbo has been advised to leave the school and the others involved were also given major demerits by the school.”

Wang Wanting’s voice attracted everyone, so they all swiped the school forum again and the more they looked, the more indignant they became.

“This man is too despicable!”

“That’s right, how could a man be so petty as to hire others to curse people?”

“This man is so strange. He’s a psycho! Shuyan has no grudge against him. Why on earth is he slandering others!”

“Yeah, I’d understand a little if he were a girl.”

“It must have been a failed confession and a grudge.”

Everyone whispered into each other’s ears in a heated discussion. The more they talked, the more they believed that this man failed confessing, and so discredited the woman.

Listening to the discussion, Wang Wanting walked to Chi Shuyan with some embarrassment on her face and apologized, “Shuyan, I knew you weren’t such a person. I was merely under too much pressure to have said something hurtful like that. I felt so guilty when I got home. I hope you don’t take my words to heart.”

Chi Shuyan looked at Wang Wanting and shook her head, smiling faintly. “It’s fine, I can understand.”

“That’s great, then I’m relieved.” Wang Wanting stuck her tongue out and smiled brightly. “Shuyan, you did really well on this test. Do you have some tricks?”

Chi Shuyan opened her round, feline eyes and smiled ambiguously. “It’s probably diligence. What other tricks can I have? Well, I have something else to do, I’ll go first!”

Qianxiju was a century-old shop, the so-called fragrant wine feared no dark alley. Although this shop wasn’t the most luxurious in its remote location, it was a very famous century-old shop in Fuzhou.

Manager Fang and this Young Master Zhu in front of him were old acquaintances. He knew that this Young Master Zhu would definitely come here whenever he came to Fuzhou. This time, he had not only come, but also brought someone with him. Manager Fang immediately welcomed them cordially, “Young Master Zhu, we have already reserved a private room for you.”

Manager Fang was considered quite experienced and knowledgeable, and entertaining the so-called big shots wasn’t at all uncommon. The two behind looked like bodyguards, but the one beside Young Master Zhu was like an outstanding man in a common crowd. He’d never seen such a man so noble and so elegant, who could make one panic-stricken for no reason with just a flippant glance. Not knowing what sort of big shot he was, Manager Fang was even more respectful.

“Zhenbai, the dishes in this restaurant taste really good. You definitely won’t regret coming here later.” Zhu Bocheng smiled.

Qi Zhenbai’s cold, star-like slender eyes looked at him askance without speaking and beckoned him to lead the way.

Seeing Qi Zhenbai like this, Zhu Bocheng took the lead and strode forward without Manager Fang’s assistance, complaining with his hands in his pockets, “Zhenbai, you don’t know how unlucky I’ve been lately. A few days ago, a flower pot almost hit me. The day before yesterday, I almost stepped on an empty sewer manhole cover. Yesterday, I encountered a series of tailgating collisions. Fortunately, my driving skills are excellent. Unlike those people, I didn’t knock my…” Before he could finish saying the word ‘head’…

The heavy, intricate, and superfluous chandelier hanging above Zhu Bocheng’s head suddenly flickered. As he lifted his left foot and was about to step upstairs, the large flickering chandelier on the ceiling suddenly fell down without warning.

Zhu Bocheng froze for a moment, and before he could regain his senses, Qi Zhenbai responded swiftly, grabbing his arm and yanking him hard backward.

Zhu Bocheng was yanked into a stumble, but before he could stand firm, the heavy superfluous chandelier on the ceiling crashed heavily to the floor right after, shattering into pieces, while bright sparks flashed overhead.

“F*ck, it would have blown my brains out if it hit me. I’d have been electrically burned too!” Zhu Bocheng’s heart chilled and a trace of lingering fear flashed on his bright, handsome face. He knitted his brows and rebuked angrily, “Manager Fang, your facilities here are too unreliable. How dare you hang it on when it’s already this old?”

Manager Fang was shocked by the thrill, wiping his sweat in panic and incredulity. “T-This-Our Qianxiju facilities are regularly inspected. How could this happen?” Noticing Zhu Bocheng’s grim face, he immediately apologized in a fluster, “Young Master Zhu, it’s all because we haven’t done our regular inspection properly. I’ll have it taken care of right away and be sure to give you an explanation later. Just let me show you to your private room first, so as not to spoil the aesthetic mood of your meal.”

Zhu Bocheng was ghastly pale, not really knowing how he could still encounter this kind of misfortune when just having a meal, but he could only do so for now.

Manager Fang apologized and led Zhu Bocheng and Qi Zhenbai into the private room.

“Zhenbai, fortunately you reacted quickly just now, otherwise, I would have been killed.” After Zhu Bocheng sat down, he passed a grateful look at Qi Zhenbai beside him and complained gloomily once more, “Why have I been so unlucky lately? Did I displease some god? Should I go to worship at a temple?”

“Young Master Zhu, would you like to order now, or wait until everyone is here?” Manager Fang inquired apprehensively.

Zhu Bocheng waved his hand. “We’ll order later when everyone is here.”

“Okay.” Manager Fang ensured that the two didn’t need his service, and was about to exit the room smiling, when a waitress ushered a girl in on her hind legs. Manager Fang didn’t have the time to speak when Zhu Bocheng saw Chi Shuyan with a sharp eye and immediately became excited. “Oh, Sister, you came just in time,” he said and unconsciously went up to welcome her. But before taking a few steps, he tripped over his foot again. Zhu Bocheng almost cursed out loud in anger.

Chi Shuyan advanced forward swiftly to help him up. Her face became more and more heavy as she stared deeply at Zhu Bocheng’s deeply blackened forehead. The black mist on Zhu Bocheng’s forehead was too terrifying at this moment. His forehead was almost completely shrouded in black mist, as if it would erupt at any time. Almost in sync, the horrific image of a car crashing off an overpass and wrecking it flashed through her mind. Cold sweat seeped out of Chi Shuyan’s palms as she averted her eyes. “Are you all right?”

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