Rebirth: Ghost Exorciser

Chapter 44

Chapter 44: Mock Test

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Chi Shuyan stood stunned as she watched the car leave. All that filled her mind was that explosion that set the prairie ablaze and that scorching sea of fire. She saw him driving along and hitting a large truck around a bend, which could have been avoided by swiftly swerving. However, the steering wheel and brake failed, so he crashed headlong into that large truck, wrecking the car and killing him.

As the curtain fell, she ‘witnessed’ him stuck in the driver’s seat, seriously injured, and looking desperate as he was gradually engulfed in the flames, until he and the car were burned to the ground.

Chi Shuyan returned home, unable to get a grip of herself for a long time. It was unbelievable how that young man, who had been grinning vividly from ear to ear in front of her, would be buried in flames in the future.

But that hazy, black mist hovering over him was indeed unmistakable. And in her past life, she had never seen Zhu Bocheng in the capital. If Zhu Bocheng had been close to the Qi family, it didn’t make sense why she had never ever heard of him, except if he had left the country, or perhaps another possibility was that he had died.

Chi Shuyan felt chilled at the bottom of her heart and cold sweat was dripping from her forehead. She felt panicked for no reason at all. He tugged her bag just now, which was a form of indirect contact. In other words, she could predict other people’s fortunes by touching them, not just minor disasters or difficulties, but she could also foretell their life and death. Moreover, she could see crystal clear images of exactly what was going to happen.

Chi Shuyan sucked in a breath. She wasn’t proficient in physiognomy in her previous life and specialized in talismans and magic weapons. Her master didn’t require her to be proficient in everything, so she’d only dabbled in fortune telling and palm reading. Now with this change, she didn’t know whether it was good or bad.

In the evening, she casually cooked a bowl of noodles. She fried a golden, white, tender sunny side up egg, topped it on white noodles, and stir-fried another plate of green water spinach. Then, she sat comfortably in front of the computer and slowly slurped her noodles, while clicking into her store dashboard.

By the time she saw the reviews of the shop on the dashboard, she almost spewed the noodles in her mouth right out with a mouthful of old blood. Of course, Su Yeran wouldn’t give her a bad review, but the four of them were no better with their glowing reviews, clear and lengthy praises about how divine her products were. A few days after opening the store, thanks to the four of them, she leaped straight into being a crown seller. Wasn’t this a clear-cut way of telling people that they were fake purchases!

Anyway, as a normal person, seeing such sparse reviews and huge sales, she would never place an order. Chi Shuyan facepalmed. It’s over, it’s over. Why was it that she could foresee her shop closing down when she just opened it?

Chi Shuyan restocked and closed the webpage, drawing a lesson from the bitter experience. She’d better get on with her homework. Watching the store sales just made her feel pained in the ass.

As soon as Chi Shuyan got back to school, many female students mobbed her fervently, questioning her all at once about the four people, who came to see her yesterday. Even with the upcoming final mock test, it still couldn’t hold back the fluttering hearts of these young girls as they dreamed of romance.

“Hey, hey, class is about to start. The mock test results are coming out. This period is the class adviser’s class, so don’t get stuck here.” Lin Xiaoting raised her voice and directly poured a big basin of cold water on these frenzied girls, drenching the thrill out of them.

Thinking of the class adviser’s scowl, all their jumbled thoughts were scared away.

Chi Shuyan watched all the female students, who had just surrounded her, return to their seats in gloom, and gave Lin Xiaoting a thumbs up, quipping, “Young lady, you’re awesome. Please accept my respects.”

“Ugh, what’s so great about me? It’s our class adviser who’s awesome. This period is his class, and he’s about to issue our test papers. He should have ventilated with other teachers and he knows our grades in all subjects, so I hope you’re still in the mood to laugh out loud later.” Li Xiaoting held her small, round face, disconsolate.

Chi Shuyan was puzzled. “Are you afraid of testing badly?”

“What do you think of our class adviser?”

“He’s great and asking him for leave is particularly easy.” Chi Shuyan added, “He’s got a gentle personality.”

“That’s all just appearances. Have you forgotten that we also have a class teacher nicknamed, ‘The Female Exterminator’? With the English teacher, they were baptized, ‘The Male and Female Exterminators.’ Class 5 has been at the bottom of the rankings several times this year, and every time we tested badly, we were fiercely scolded.” Lin Xiaoting shivered at those memories. She flipped open her English book and started memorizing vocabulary.

Chi Shuyan just wanted to put an end to her act and say, ‘What English words do you have to memorize before class?’ when she heard a burst of English reading. Then, the tide became louder and louder, making Chi Shuyan feel like she was in the wrong class.

Class 5 wasn’t joking this time. Talk about the teacher unable to hit the brake when he arrived at class. This was the first time. It seemed like the teacher gave them a huge shadow, but Chi Shuyan, who came half-way through, was baffled. The class adviser was really gentle in her impression, so she really couldn’t picture him in a thundering rage.

Wang Yichun came in with a taut face, holding a stack of graded papers. Every single student who spotted the class adviser coming in quivered and bowed down, almost burying their heads in their books.

However, the furious storm that Class 5 had been expecting was slow in coming. Instead, they heard a gentle voice, with the teacher asking the English class representative to distribute the papers.

His gentle voice scared Class 5 even more, their hearts thumping. Just how much had the class adviser been stimulated in the teacher’s office that he’d have to grind such a blunt knife on their flesh to give them a heart attack?

“All of you performed pretty well this time, especially Chi Shuyan.” Wang Yichun’s taut face finally betrayed a hint of a smile. “She took second place for the whole year section and first in the class. Give her a round of applause, everyone.”

After Wang Yichun’s announcement, all the students of Class 5 were shell-shocked. They looked over in unison and lost their voices for quite a while. Soon, an audible pin drop silence lapsed, followed by a stormy fervent round of applause. Many students looked up and saw Teacher Wang Yichun grinning from ear to ear.

Wang Yichun had never felt it was such a wise choice to accept this student who was kicked out of Class 1 into Class 5. He’d been indignant before that all the good ones went into Class 1, while all the garbage students were thrown into their parallel class. But now, he completely felt like he had picked up a treasure.

The results of the mock test this time came out with several students of Class 5 making it into the top 100. What’s more, there was a second place that appeared not in Class 1, but in their Class 5.

In fact, when the marked test papers came out, all the senior year teachers were shocked at first.

Chi Shuyan’s mock test was all running full marks this time, except for a few similar subjects like Chemistry and Maths, which had more or less a few points deducted.

Ning’an First Middle School had been grading exam papers with the names sealed all throughout, just to be fair. Back when he corrected this English test paper, he secretly marveled at how rich the student’s basic skills and reading comprehension from the test paper were. He kept thinking that the student was from Class 1, so the more he corrected, the angrier and more jealous he became. Why should Wen Mingzhu take over all these good students?

Chi Shuyan was about to say something modest, but the phone in her pocket vibrated gently. She had to pull it out first and tapped the message, but since it was just a strange phone number and a text message inviting her to a meal, she didn’t even bother to send a rejection message. She just wanted to stuff her phone back into her pocket when her phone rang again shortly afterwards and she saw a message saying: “Little sister Chi, I’m Bocheng, Young Master Qi Zhenbai’s best friend. We’ve just met, remember? Are you free tomorrow at noon? Let’s have lunch together! I had some bad luck today. If you really say you don’t remember, I won’t be mad at you, just sad. Sister, you really don’t know how unlucky I was today. I almost died in a car crash. Have some compassion and come out tomorrow at noon! Maybe you won’t get a chance to see me anymore.” The tone was distinctly light-hearted and teasing.

Chi Shuyan couldn’t take her eyes off the words ‘I almost died in a car crash‘ for a long time, and her face gradually sank heavily. She was about to decline, but by the time she reacted, her reply accepting the invite was already sent out!

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